PotD 1

Prince of the Devils
Chapter 1: Grandfather and Grandson on the Mountain
by 月下桑

Crows. Vultures. Monsters. A dying person becomes a meal for these three visitors. The former two visit humanity. The latter visits monsters.

At the place where monsters gather, there must be a dying demon.

“You bastard! You, you just wait! I’ll definitely come back to settle this!” Wiping his face and seeing blood on his hands, the punk panicked slightly as his voice trembled. Just like from a bad television drama, he left with a cliché parting remark and fled with his accomplices.

An expressionless stare watched as the group disappeared until they were gone without a trace. Wearing black semi-sportswear, the tall youth glanced at the old woman still sitting on the ground for a long moment. After a while, he bent down to help her up.

The youth’s arms were flexible and strong, and the old woman felt that she was standing up in mere moments. She watched as the young man got up again to pick up a leather handbag that had fallen on the ground to the side. Then, he even hailed a taxi.

“Young man, thank you, thank you so much!” With the other person pushing her so easily, the old women couldn’t even squeeze a sentence into the side in the time it took for him to deliver her to the backseat of the taxi. With great difficulty, she managed to grasp the young man’s sleeve and spoke in a thankful voice.

“Hurry home. If you have this much money, you shouldn’t save on the taxi fare,” the young man finally said. His words were not in the least pleasant to hear. However, although they were unpleasant to listen to, they were still reasonable.

The old woman nervously glanced at taxi driver in the front seat, but she quickly realized that the youth’s voice was too low, and the taxi driver in the front simply couldn’t hear it.

Only then did she relax due to his tone of voice, and her tightened hold of the youth was brushed away. In the instant that the car door was closing, the old woman at long last clearly saw the young man’s appearance.

Oh! This young person’s eyes were unmistakably beautiful ——

The impression was only for a split second before the car door heavily closed immediately.

After taking a look at the surrounding crowd of people, Ji Huan picked up his school bag and began walking in the opposite direction of the taxi.

Having walked some time down the road, and as the surrounding pedestrians grew fewer and fewer, he finally arrived at his destination —— under a tattered, rotting bus stop sign.

On top of the bus stop were several advertisements, brightly colored and gaudy. The information for the bus stop was completely covered up. If a person didn’t know the area here very well, it was more than likely that they would completely miss this bus stop.

Having cast a glance at the sign plate1, he pursed the corner of his mouth. The pitiful schoolbag was tossed to the side again by its owner. Ji Huan stood up on top of a chair to clear away the advertisements on the bus stop sign.

After cleaning up for a good while, the bus stop’s original information for the buses finally came to light once more: Bus No. 9 and Bus No. 99.

Ji Huan was about to ride Bus No. 99. It had pitifully few intermediate stops, and each stop had a considerably long interval between each one. However, the fact was that it was the only bus that went up and down the mountain.

Not too long after he finished cleaning up the advertisements, the bus conveniently arrived. Swiping his card to get on, Ji Huan consciously sat down in a window seat.

It was currently winter. Already, the roadside scenery was beautiful no longer, and the originally verdant and lush trees had already withered away. Besides that, the sky got dark earlier also, and by the time Ji Huan was waiting to get off the bus, the sky was already faintly painted black.

After discharging the lone Ji Huan, the bus’ doors promptly closed.

After that, it continued to advance towards the top of the mountain.

He had ridden as a passenger on Bus No. 99 for at least ten years already, but Ji Huan had never known where its final stop was, and neither was he interested. In contrast, his older sister in her childhood had once tried to look for it. In the end, she got lost and wept endlessly until Grandpa carried her back. It was Ji Huan’s impression that that had also been all there was to it.

Ji Huan’s house was relatively close to the bus stop sign. Although it was on top of the mountain, there were still people living there and due to there being people’s homes, there were also roads. The roadside was neatly and tidily covered with small fields. Because it was currently winter, there were many more greenhouses2. Ji Huan first went to his own family’s greenhouse to take a quick look, but after not seeing any familiar figures, he immediately went in the direction of his home.

Then, he at last saw an old man feeding pigs in the yard.

“Old man, go to the house, I’ll do it.” Calling out in a concise voice, Ji Huan followed it by throwing his school bag into his grandfather’s embrace. “I’m thirsty, I want to drink water.

“… You child…” The old man said the sentence naggingly, but in the end, he still carried Ji Huan’s back inside the house.

Ji Huan’s family raised five pigs all together. Although Ji Huan diligently cleaned the pigsty during his break time3, it was in the nature of these domestic animals to make a mess of their surroundings.

The stench of pigs was really unable to be described as something that smelled good, but Ji Huan was used to this kind of scent.

Sprinking food while herding pigs, he had watch out for some pigs who ate too much, and so not letting the others eat as much.

Da Bai4, you’ve eaten too much, go to the side!” Ji Huan quickly discovered an unlawful “pig” and used a withered branch to ruthlessly knocked the pig on its hind end. However, the pig known as Da Bai didn’t think that it was painful. Rather, it thought that it and Ji Huan were playing, and the fat-headed and big-eared one5 rubbed against Ji Huan’s withered branch for a long time. “Scratch, scratch.” It even gnawed on Ji Huan’s “lethal weapon”!

“… Look at me again, I’ll eat you right away.” Ji Huan expressionlessly stared at the pig Da Bai for a moment before he went to pour out the rest of the pig food in a trough. After making sure that each and every pig had enough food to eat in the end, he then rolled down his sleeves and trouser legs and went back inside the house.

From the room came a smell that was not at all much better than pig food —— was Grandfather wanting to be a “virtuous and able wife6“? His old man had cooked once again.

Heaving out a sigh, Ji Huan was forced to go and wash his hands. Then, he helped his old man carry the congee out from the kitchen using both hands. Ji Huan planned to use one of the bowls of congee among them as an offering, and went before the central room’s spirit shrine.

“Dad, mom, eat your meal.” One person received a bowl of congee, and one received a lit fragrant candle. Ji Huan then went back to have a meal together with Grandfather.

“Grandpa, the congee you made really tastes bad,” Ji Huan said while eating the congee. “There’s no difference at all from the food that I just fed to Da Bai and the other pigs.”

“Heheh, it’s really a pot of congee7, ah,” his old man chuckled and smiled. “A completely cooked mess.7 We can’t finish eating this, let’s split it and give Da Bai and the others the bigger part. As for the leftovers at the bottom of the pot, we can add it to your mom and dad’s for them to eat.”

“……” You truly feel like it’s pig food! Ji Huan curled his lips.

“What’s wrong with pig food? Are you still not this tall and big? I look at you and you’re already this much taller than I, your grandfather8. At least 185!”

“……” How did this old man know what he’s thinking in his mind? Feeling ridiculed by that sentence, Ji Huan held the bowl with both hands and took a big mouthful of congee.

“Are you taking exams soon? Have you decided what school you’re going to take an exam for? Don’t be afraid of any money problems, I’ve saved up some for you. Your older sister sent money back for you to go to school as well.”

“What are you saving money for me for? Naturally, that’s your retirement money. Keep it for yourself. I’ve thought a lot about it and after graduating from high school, I’m not going to go to school.” Draining the last mouthful of congee down to his belly, Ji Huan spoke about about what he had thought and planned for a very long time.

“What? You dare —— I, your grandfather, I, your grandfather…” Holding up a chicken feather duster, the old man also stopped eating and went around the dining table to chase and hit Ji Huan.

A day in the old Ji Family. Today was also just as before, with flying hens and jumping dogs10. It was only a grandfather and grandchild and their mutually dependent miniscule lives, although rarely are their lives this lively.

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thanks to yuki for helping me edit this!

hello! my name is uchuu and i am (hopefully) picking up this novel to translate. this is one of my favorite novels for a variety of reasons (mainly the mix of horror + slice of life) and i hope to do it justice. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ please note that while this novel is BL, it’s very slowburn and it’s not the main focus of the story. the main lead doesn’t appear officially for 20-30 chapters. also, please be warned that while i am currently taking chinese language courses, my reading comprehension is still very poor, so i am heavily relying on MTL for sentence structure hints and heavy dictionary/grammar wiki usage. if you see any mistakes, let me know so i can fix it!

there is already a translation out for this book, but it’s mostly done through raw MTL and i’m hoping to make a more accurate run at it. that said, i am hoping to upload both old chapters (as re-translations) and new chapters (the ones that haven’t yet been translated yet by Obsessive Dreamer/amberos) at the same time, so those that have been following the original translation don’t have to wait months to be up-to-date. i am currently waiting for permission from the original translator before i start uploading new chapters. at the moment, i have several older chapters and a couple of the new ones roughly translated. i have decided to completely retranslate from the beginning rather than jump around the chapters bc it’ll be easier and a better reading experience imo. apologies to those who were caught up to the old translation!

you may notice some differences from the original translation and this one. i am using the up-to-date raws on jjwxc, and i believe the opening is slightly different than the original translation, so there may be other small differences. i’ve also adjusted the title, at least on this site, due to “Devil” being inaccurate. “Devil King” may be more accurate, but i’ll be going by the official title that’s listed in english on the print novels, which is “Prince of the Devils.” it sounds cuter anyways! other differences you may notice are names, since i’ll be going with pinyin for many names that had been translated to their literal meanings in the original translation. i.e. “Black Eggs” will be “Hei Dan” and so forth.

i’m going to be aiming for a twice-a-week release schedule. my goal is to do one re-translated and one new chapter a week, but we’ll see how it goes because my schedule is a little busy at the moment. also, let me know if you prefer translation notes in-line with the text or at the bottom. i prefer in-line when i’m reading because i do it on phone, but i’m not sure how everyone feels about it.

apologies for the lengthy notes! there shouldn’t be so many in the future. i hope you enjoy! translation notes are below.



1 车牌 chēpái: This actually translates to “license plate” but that doesn’t really make sense unless in China, they post license plate information at bus stops. I think it may have been a spelling error since bus stop (sign) is 站牌? Just in case, I’m going with the literal meaning.

2 大棚 greenhouse: most likely isn’t the large, industrial sized ones that companies use. Instead, it’s probably pretty much just a plastic covered hut in the middle of the field. Like this:


3 休息时间 xiūxí shíjiān: Lit. “rest time”. Presumably, it’s the time that Ji Huan is either on school break or just not in school/work in general.

4 大白 dàbái: Lit. “big white”

5 肥头大耳 féitóudàěr: Literally means “fat-headed and big-eared”, but it can also mean robust and prosperous (historical compliment) or simply used to refer to a fat person (modern, most likely negative connotation.) Since it actually describes the pig, I went with the literal meaning.

6 贤惠 xiánhuì: Lit. means “virtuous favor” and is used (solely) to describe women/wives for their “good” virtues.

7 一锅粥 yīguōzhōu: Lit. “a pot of congee” but it can also be an idiom for “a complete mess”. Grandpa says the same thing in both lines.

8 我看你以后会比你老子长得还高 This sentence threw me through a loop, but I think the basic gist of it is that Grandpa’s comparing his height with Ji Huan’s. If I’m completely wrong, I’m sorry. ・゜・(ノД`)

9 老子 lǎozi: a pronoun that lit. means “father” or “I, your father” that’s seen as arrogant. You’re probably familiar with it. Sometimes I see this untranslated, but in this case, it kinda works (with some tweaking).

10 鸡飞狗跳 jīfēigǒutiào: an idiom for a confusing/chaotic situation. Think of a dog chasing after a chicken.

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  1. I was actually looking for new novels to read and came across this on JJWXC…….but I was too lazy to start reading it (*/▽\*) but lo and behold there’s an English translation!!!! I’ll be following this~ I am curious about why its English translated title is Prince of the Devils though, cause I agree with you that Devil King would be more apt seeing as how its title is 魔皇

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    1. welcome~! and i’m also curious about that! i wonder if it’s because devil/demon king is such a commonplace novel name that the publishers wanted to give it a more unique title? ⁽་º་⁾ or maybe it was already licensed or something… tbh i almost went ahead with devil king bc it was so close to the original english title, but prince of the devils was such a pretty name that i couldn’t give it up. 。゚(*´□`)゚。 it’s too cute!!

      i hope you enjoy reading!!! i’m not definitely not the best translator but i’m giving it my best shot. 💪


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