PotD 11

Chapter 11: Hei Dan’s Vaccination
by 月下桑

His classmate Wang Xiaochuan’s work efficiency was especially high!

The next day, he gave Ji Huan the first BCG and Hepatitis-B shots, as well as several syringes. Knowing that Ji Huan’s family lived on the mountain, Wang Xiaochuan also prepared bandages, medicine, cotton balls and other essential home-use medical supplies for him.

“Thank you. May I ask, how much are these?” As he cautiously put away everything he received in his backpack, Ji Huan lifted his head and asked.

“No, no! These don’t cost anything. They were free in the first place…” Under Ji Huan’s gaze, Wang Xiaochuan’s voice got lower and lower, and his head drooped down.

It was strange to say, but he was actually a little afraid of Ji Huan. He most likely wasn’t the only person who thought this. Everyone in class probably thought so. It wasn’t because his classmate Ji Huan looked terrible. In fact, Wang Xiaochuan had secretly watched Ji Huan before, and he obviously wore the same ugly, non-slip black uniform as everyone else, but Ji Huan looked surprisingly “elegant”.

Okay, this was the only adjective that the brain of a young male student in their grade’s small science class could think of.

Unlike the boys their age who commonly had bean-shaped, youthful pimples all over their faces, Ji Huan was very fair. He obviously never used an umbrella and he didn’t look like the type of person to wear sunscreen, but Ji Huan was still more fair than all of the girls in their class. He wasn’t pale as if he had no blood, but rather was a full, glossy white. Just like… just like the porcelain tea cups that his Grandfather often treasured. His facial features were very elegant and pretty, but not a girl’s kind of beauty. Rather, he was the kind of beauty between a boy and a man. This beauty was suppressed by Ji Huan’s inherent cold disposition, and had become a kind of unusually sharp, imposing manner —— noble.

Yes, “noble”. He was obviously the same age as everyone else, but Ji Huan simply had the kind of nobleness that only adults had.

Wang Xiaochuan really thought this. Not just him, he suspected that their other classmates thought so as well. Maybe even their teacher thought this, because when were in class, their teacher almost never dared to call Ji Huan’s name to answer questions. Ji Huan even skipped classes and no teacher dared to speak to him.

He was both “high grade1” (← personality) and “noble” (facial features). His fighting was very fierce (← he was on the local news because of the way he never hesitated to do what was right), he obviously frequently skipped classes (← good kids didn’t have to study), and he got always first place on all the exams in their grade… This kind of person, even if other people actually really wanted to get close to him in their hearts, one look at him and they couldn’t help but be terrified. 


Before, when Ji Huan saved him from the hands of the group of delinquents, was the first time Wang Xiaochuan had been in close contact with Ji Huan. At the time, he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and get to know the other boy, but in reality, he couldn’t say a single word when Ji Huan took him home, and a great opportunity was lost just like that. This time, Ji Huan was asking him for help, and Wang Xiaochuan was very excited on the inside!

“I also prepared a copy of our vaccination clinic2‘s vaccine handbook for you. You can look for me when it’s time! No! You don’t need to look for me, I’ll prepare them in advance for you when the time comes! Rest assured, I’ll give you all the best vaccines in the vaccination clinic. Although they’re all free of charge, they actually have different qualities. Only an insider can use these kinds with the least amount of side-effects…” Excited, Wang Xiaochuan stuttered out a lot of words.

Although both of his parents were staff members in the vaccination clinic, and they were even the ringleaders, Wang Xiaochuan had never had any interest in his father and mother’s work. Even more so, he didn’t have any idea about vaccinating babies. In order to help Ji Huan at this time, he ignorantly asked about all the relevant things he needed to pay attention to. Although he was a little confusing, Ji Huan was still aware of his efforts.

So, Ji Huan listened very carefully to all the things he had found out. He listed them out in his mind, then Ji Huan had the general idea of it.

“Thank you. In the future, I’ll still have to continue to trouble you.” When Wang Xiaochuan finally finished his explanation, Ji Huan expressed his gratitude seriously.

Caught off guard by Ji Huan’s slender eyes colliding with him head-on, Wang Xiaochuan’s face blushed red! He foolishly stood still for a while. After a long time, he waved his hands over and over as he said: “I can do you this favor. I’m happy to, really…”

These words were very honest.

Both of them talked together for a while before separating. Before leaving, Wang Xiaochuan also asked Ji Huan for help on several math problems that he said he couldn’t do. Seeing as he had thought over them for quite a few days, he never expected that the method for solving the difficult problems could be explained so skillfully and efficiently by Ji Huan. Wang Xiaochuan both envied and admired him in his heart.

“The next shot is the second Hepatitis-B vaccine. I’ll call you in advance when it’s time!” He made plans with Ji Huan for the next meeting time, and only then did Wang Xiaochuan reluctantly part with Ji Huan and say goodbye.

Before leaving, Ji Huan smiled at him. Although the smile was stiff, for Ji Huan who always had a hard, cold expression, this smile made Wang Xiaochuan feel overwhelmed with favor3 as he looked at him, stunned. It wasn’t until he came back to reality that he realized that Ji Huan’s figure had already disappeared.

After saying goodbye to his classmate, Ji Huan didn’t go straight home, but rather went to the town’s vaccination clinic. Quite a few entire families were escorting their children to get injections. In this kind of situation, Ji Huan’s arrival wasn’t so eye-catching.

The synchronized strength between the babies was fairly amazing. As long as one child began to cry, the surroundings would transform into a sea of crying. At first, Ji Huan was worried that Hei Dan would also cry out, but he apparently thought too much. While Ji Huan diligently studied, Hei Dan was staring intently out of Ji Huan’s uniform. In order to let him breathe, Ji Huan purposely unzipped his school uniform and opened the two buttons on his outer jacket for Hei Dan’s eyes.

Ji Huan checked on Hei Dan every now and then. This time, Hei Dan’s attention was clearly on the outside, and he very silently stared outside with fixed eyes. While the other babies cried loudly, Hei Dan was also opening and closing his mouth.

He actually looked like he was laughing…

Even though he was very strange, Hei Dan was still just a newborn baby in Ji Huan’s eyes. He was worried about him being infected by any diseases by being in the place for too long, and Ji Huan only mingled in the crowd for about an hour. Keeping the injection process firmly in mind, Ji Huan went straight back home.

When he was looking for Wang Xiaochuan to get the vaccines before, Wang Xiaochuan originally suggested that Ji Huan get the shots at his own family’s vaccination clinic, but Ji Huan politely declined because “there was an old doctor on the mountain”.

In fact, there was no old doctor on the mountain, only a veterinarian who lived at the foot of the mountain. The elderly man was old, and, after retiring, he decided to live on the foot of the mountain with better air. He couldn’t walk well and climbing the mountain was a little difficult. When Ji Huan’s family’s pig needed a shot, he couldn’t come up at all. Ji Huan also couldn’t herd the pig down, so the old veterinarian finally taught Ji Huan how to give injections to animals. As a result, the pigs that Ji Huan’s family had bought up until now had all been given vaccinations by Ji Huan.

He decided that he would still give the injection this time.

He came back at just the right time. When Ji Huan got home, Grandpa was sleeping in the back room. He cracked open the door and confirmed that the old man wouldn’t wake up for a little while, then Ji Huan quietly took Hei Dan back to his own room.

He took Hei Dan out of his embrace and put him on the bed. Leaning him against a nearby pillow, Ji Huan let Hei Dan face him slightly.

This child liked to look at people —— As anticipated, after Ji Huan put him down, Hei Dan’s white-ring eyes floated over to stare at him.

He stiffly smiled at him, then Ji Huan turned his attention to his backpack.

He took out the tools that he had to use momentarily.

Except for the things Wang Xiaochuan gave him, he had also went to the pharmacy to buy some additional things when he went back to Wang Xiaochuan’s house: several syringes and a large bottle of saline.

This was for practice injections.

That’s right, Ji Huan decided to vaccinate Hei Dan himself, but before he actually vaccinated Hei Dan, he decided that he wanted to practice on himself first.

According to the injection method that he studied from the vaccination clinic for an hour, Ji Huan first used alcohol on his arm to disinfect his skin. Then, he used a syringe to draw up a certain amount of saline from the bottle of saline solution. He then deliberately stuck the needle into his arm with a lot of effort ——

Because it was the first time he had injected himself, Ji Huan’s speed was too slow. He couldn’t help but grimace as a large drop of blood came out of his arm, and he used a cotton ball to wipe it away.

He turned his head to look at Hei Dan. Hei Dan was still staring at him intently, but his small mouth was actually opening and closing.

Okay, he didn’t know how he had acquired a defect while they were at the vaccination clinic. This fellow seemed to have gotten the bad habit of laughing at people when he saw them getting injections.

Shrugging, Ji Huan drew up the saline solution and continued to puncture his arm.


He punctured his left arm with the needle for a total of forty-five times.

The BCG vaccine is injected within the skin, and the Hepatitis-B vaccine is injected in the muscle. Ji Huan repeatedly learned both of these methods through practice dozens of times, and it wasn’t until he felt that he had almost perfected it that he stopped.

By this time, his left arm had swollen up.

He stretched out his left palm, and Ji Huan felt that his condition was OK. He put away the trash he had used when he just was practicing and washed his hands again. Then, he took out the vaccine and syringe that Wang Xiaochuan had prepared for Hei Dan.

After preparing the essential tools, Ji Huan dragged up Hei Dan, who was laying down in the middle of the pillow, and held him in his arms.

Hei Dan stared at Ji Huan with fixed eyes.

Ji Huan untied the restraints around his swaddling clothes. Hei Dan’s little black arm sprang out at once, and Ji Huan managed to grab it straight away!

Then, Ji Huan smiled stiffly at Hei Dan, and quickly prepared the vaccine that needed to be injected. Ji Huan firmly gripped Hei Dan’s arm.

Like Hei Dan’s black, fog-like face, Hei Dan’s arm also looked like it was hiding in black fog. The visual effect was extremely strange. Ordinary people wouldn’t say to give a child like this an injection. If they saw him and didn’t call the police, it would be a very good thing indeed! It was also precisely because of this that Ji Huan insisted on giving Hei Dan the injection himself.

Ji Huan smiled at Hei Dan again, and while Hei Dan was still looking at him intently, he pinpointed where he needed to inject. Then, he gently, but not weakly, punctured Hei Dan’s pitch-black arm with the needle.

When he used his finger to make sure that a small lump was bulging out of Hei Dan’s skin, he let out a sigh of relief.

Ji Huan’s eyes fell on Hei Dan’s face immediately after. He didn’t know when, but he realized that Hei Dan had stopped looking at him, and the white-ring eyes had now shifted to himself. Just when Ji Huan thought that Hei Dan would continue being a “calm egg4“, a frightening thing happened:

“Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A big, terrible cry came out of Hei Dan in Ji Huan’s arms. When he lifted Hei Dan up in a panic, Ji Huan suddenly paused: the white-ring eyes were still the same white-ring eyes, but they were white-ring eyes that were soaked in water ——

Pfft —— Unable to contain himself any longer, Ji Huan burst into laughter. 

“Alright! Alright! I let you watch the other people excitedly just a little while ago. Being pricked by the needle yourself hurt, didn’t it?” While comforting the small monster in his arms, Ji Huan raised the other syringe. His thought process was quite simple: if he was crying anyways, then crying once for both shots instead would be labor-saving.

He calculated this in his mind in a moment. Moving very quickly, Ji Huan once again gently, but not weakly, pricked Hei Dan’s arm with the needle.

As a result, Hei Dan cried so much that he became a watering can.

His crying was ear-piercing and had already exceeded the sound volume that normal babies could produce. Ji Huan didn’t know this. Instead, he was now very happy.

He very cheerfully wiped away the tears on Hei Dan’s little black face. Staring at him the whole time, he finally lifted him to himself, and pressing his lips close to the black ball of fog, Ji Huan kissed him.

Freezing to the touch.


But, the corner of Ji Huan’s mouth curved up, and he kissed him again. Just like the mothers at the vaccination clinic comforting their babies, he held Hei Dan and kissed him.

Hei Dan’s crying eventually quieted down, but the old man in the next room had been completely woken up by him. When he stumbled over from the next room, the first thing the old man asked was:

“What was that sound just now? It was very scary ——”

“Ah, it was Hei Dan crying. I took him to the vaccination clinic to get vaccinated, and he cried the whole way back.” Ji Huan cleverly substituted a little bit of the vaccination incident.

Then, he saw Grandfather seem to let out a sigh of relief: “He cried! He cried very well!”

The old man smiled, and after a while, seemed to feel that there was a problem with what he had just said, so he added something at the last second: “I mean that this child, Hei Dan, is too quiet. Children should cry a lot and cry with more strength, so they can speak without cowering in the future…”

“What Grandpa says is right.” Ji Huan also smiled.

Perhaps, Grandfather also knew in his heart that this child was strange?

But he didn’t say anything.

Because this was his older sister’s child, because this was the child left behind by Xiao Hei, Grandfather was like him. They both chose to be silent.

After that, accompanied by the occasional small sobs from Hei Dan, he and Grandpa discussed plans for Hei Dan’s next vaccinations.

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for some reason… i didn’t notice wang xiaochuan’s puppy love crush on ji huan the first time i read this, LOL. somehow the part where he waxed poetry about ji huan’s fair skin went way over my head. and the implication that ji huan’s been taking hei dan to class with him is 😂

keep an eye out for the next chapter this weekend (i swear!)

TL Notes

1 高级: “high quality/high grade” i’m fairly certain this is a play on words, because it’s a little out of place, and gāo = tall and jí = level/grade, but could be a homonym for jì, ji huan’s last name. i might be absolutely insane, though. 

2 防疫站: it was so painful to read/write “disease prevention clinic/center” every time, so i’ve decided to summarize it as just vaccination clinic, since that seems to be all it functions as. i’ll go back and change the previous chapter later, but just FYI if you’re confused. 

3 受宠若惊: a saying that describes being surprised/flattered when someone a superior grants you a favor or boon. think of a king bestowing a peasant with a gift or thanks. 

4 蛋定: internet slang for 淡定 (calm and collected) with a more literal translation since it’s a play on hei dan being (literally) an egg. 

Author Comments

” ^^

Crying small monster

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Thank you for Ruo Yuan Si Jin’s (若远似近) drawing!”


8 thoughts on “PotD 11”

  1. Baby Hei Dan laughing at others in pain finally learned what they were going through when it was his turn getting vaccinated is the highlight of my day lololol.
    I do love the familial love expressed both by Grandpa and our cold-faced beauty of an MC. It’s what I live for: cute old grandpa turning a blind eye (heh) to his newborn monster grandson, aloof MC learning to be a mother to his cute cousin and said baby cousin with his cute white ring eyes peeping at people while he’s shrouded in a black fog. Like awwww man so darn cute I could just eat a rainbow in bliss at this adorable scene!!!

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  2. Aww.. Hei Dan so cute.. 💕💕💕

    Before I thought just head that full of black fog I mean not solid.. But the body was solid..
    Now I realized his body from head to toe actually very solid but just covered with black fog right??

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. yeah i think it’s something like that! i picture him as being solid but kind of having a blurry shape, like someone smudged his outer lines? 😂 artists go back and forth with him having either a completely round body and a humanoid one but both are good, LOL. the author isn’t very clear other than like “egg” and “black fog”

      no problem! thank you for all your comments and for reading! 💖 it means a lot to me.


  3. It hits me in the heart when MC was so happy with baby’s first cry, because I just realized that MC might think the reason baby was too quiet is because the baby was not quite comfortable enough yet with him. That laugh he let out, man, was the first laugh he let out so far, and it contains many things at once, and I’m so happy for him ;____;


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