PotD 16

Chapter 16: Gesture
by 月下桑

Ji Huan suddenly straightened his back up and looked around with wide eyes. He tried hard to look, but except for the weak, pale Wang Xiaochuan in the room, he couldn’t see anything!

That’s right, Wang Xiaochuan had also said yesterday that he felt that there was something in the hospital room.

Today as well, he said to him that something was on him.

Thinking of the recent epidemic of colds and fevers of the people in town, and his initial symptoms of a cold yesterday, he was able to understand:

It was “that thing” that made everyone in town sick.

It was “that thing” that made Hei Dan cry and howl without end.

And at that very moment, because of the same “thing”, Wang Xiaochuan was actually going to die?

As Ji Huan looked at Wang Xiaochuan in desperation, and tried to find even a single strand of silk or half of a hair1 of a clue on him, his sleeve was suddenly grabbed.

It was Wang Xiaochuan. He reached out his hand and grabbed Ji Huan with a large amount of force. It was his only strength.

“Ji Huan, before… we said together… that we would go to the hot springs. It seems… seems… that we might not be able to go…”

“I… since I was a child… I always… always really wanted to go to the hot springs together with my best friend…”

On his death bed, Wang Xiaochuan looked straight at Ji Huan. His gaze had already begun to lose focus, but his hand was stubbornly clutching onto Ji Huan’s sleeve. Ji Huan heard the machine connected to Wang Xiaochuan suddenly let out a warning beep, and then he heard the sound of the door to the hospital room being pushed open. Countless people swarmed in. They wanted Ji Huan to move back to the side and not interfere with the life-saving procedures, but Wang Xiaochuan was actually so stubbornly holding onto Ji Huan that there was no choice but to allow Ji Huan to stand next to the hospital bed and watch Wang Xiaochuan receive emergency treatment.

In that way, he stood very stiffly to the side and was forced to watch Wang Xiaochuan die a little!

The room was in chaos. Only two people were silent.

One was the lone Ji Huan, and the other was Wang Xiaochuan.

A scene that seemed to be familiar.

Ji Huan remembered his older sister. Then, he remembered Hei Dan. He remembered the nursery rhyme that Grandfather hummed last night. He remembered Wang Xiaochuan excitedly telling him that he wanted to be a doctor in the future. He remembered that he often wanted to drag him over to soak in the hot springs. He remembered… Countless fragments of memories interwove together. In Ji Huan’s mind suddenly came the memory of the night that Wang Xiaochuan was hospitalized. When he was standing next to him, the last time that he was healthy, a procession of cars drove past in front of the pair.

A pale hand stretched out from the rolled down window of one of the cars and lightly swayed, as if it was throwing something out ——

Strangely, the entire movement of the hand didn’t last more than three seconds, and the distance between them hadn’t been very close, but the hand’s actions had surprisingly been vividly imprinted in Ji Huan’s mind. He couldn’t forget.

Without thinking, Ji Huan extended his righht hand that wasn’t been held onto. Unbelievably, the fingers of his right hand suddenly spread out, and his index finger and middle finger slightly turned in the air. It unexpectedly copied the actions of the other hand.

Then, Ji Huan extended his right hand towards Wang Xiaochuan and pulled up his hand ——

Something unimaginable happened.

Ji Huan saw that the hand he grabbed in that moment hadn’t been Wang Xiaochuan’s at all. Rather, it was a grayish-brown, hideous hand!

Following that hand with his eyes, Ji Huan looked at, behind a mass of gray fog, a monster. The monster was huddling closely over Wang Xiaochuan’s body. One hand that was clutching Wang Xiaochuan had been captured by his own , and the other hand was firmly squeezing Wang Xiaochuan’s neck. It was using too much strength, and Wang Xiaochuan was completely unable to breathe!

Ji Huan met the eyes of the monster.

The monster also obviously realized that it had been noticed. A giant mouth opened inside of the mass of gray fog, and Ji Huan heard the monster’s howling roar. Ji Huan could even clearly see that the monster’s throat was a black hole…

At that moment, Ji Huan should have been scared. As a human, anyone who saw that scene would have been scared.

But, Ji Huan was strangely very calm.

Grabbing that terrifying gray claw, Ji Huan gazed at the terrible monster while finishing the follow-up action with his right hand.

In less than three seconds, the pale hand from that day had actually completely three actions altogether: Capture —— Imprison —— Then, there was…

Throw it out!

So, Ji Huan “threw out” that monster.

When it was thrown out by Ji Huan, everyone in the hospital room felt a cold breeze. While everyone was dumbfounded and unclear of what had just happened, Ji Huan’s eyes drew a miniature parabola in the air and he saw something amazing. The monster, more than two meters long, let out a hoarse cry as it was lifted away from Wang Xiaochuan’s body. It uttered a piercing whistle as it was tossed to the top of the hospital room, then it was ruthlessly thrown out of the window…

This was a scene that only Ji Huan saw.

And so, the situation that the outsiders’ eyes saw was that of Wang Xiaochuan suddenly letting go of Ji Huan’s sleeve, and then Ji Huan grabbing up clothes, opening the window, and throwing those clothes out…

“Don’t open the window ——” One of the nurses was about to remind Ji Huan, but was suddenly startled by the change in a nearby heart monitor: “Quickly! Hurry with the life-saving procedure! The patient’s vital signs have reappeared!”

There was a burst of uproar in the hospital room again. The heart montior that had been flat-lined slowly had a wave once more. All the people nervously surrounded Wang Xiaochuan’s bedside.

And Ji Huan still stood by the wide open window. He peered down from his high position at the monster howling in dissatisfaction. Then, while in the air, it suddenly exploded and turned into black dust.

When the wind blew, it scattered into all directions.

Ji Huan couldn’t help but shiver while wearing thin fleece clothing and standing in front of the window, so he closed the window again.

He stood inside the hospital room and watched silently as the doctors finished their final treatments on Wang Xiaochuan. By the time they left, Wang Xiaochuan in the hospital bed was breathing smoothly and steadily. His complexion was still pale, but his cheeks were slightly rosy.

Wang Xiaochuan’s mother sat in front of the hospital bed, tightly gripping Wang Xiaochaun’s hand. She was crying and smiling as she muttered something repeatedly.

After that day, Wang Xiaochuan’s illness unexpectedly got better. Although his body was still weak, he got better with each passing day.

When Ji Huan once more brought a frozen pear over to see Wang Xiaochuan, his mother took out a large bag from beside her and handed it to Ji Huan.

“Hey?” Ji Huan froze.

“It’s nearly New Years. Auntie bought you new clothes.” Wang Xiaochuan’s mother smiled and gently laughed as she spoke.

Ji Huan then lightly touched his nose.

He had no choice but to say that women were attentive to details. Although his Grandfather loved Ji Huan dearly, he was never attentive about the way he dressed. The coat that Ji Huan had thrown away had been the one that his older sister had given him a year ago. It was also the only coat in Ji Huan’s wardrobe that fit him at his age. After the coat was thrown out, Ji Huan put his school jacket back on again. Grandpa’s eyes weren’t good enough to realize that he had lost his coat. Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaochuan’s mother noticed it.

“Put it on quickly, Auntie wants to see if it fits or not. If it doesn’t fit, I can exchange it for you.” While smiling, Mother Wang urged him to put it on. On the side, Wang Xiaochuan was also sitting in his hospital bed laughing.

Ji Huan thus awkwardly put on the new coat. He had no choice but to say that Mother Wang’s insight was fairly good. The coat that Ji Huan put on fit exceptionally well. On top of him having been born well, a good horse with a good saddle seemed to make a difference in an instant!2

“Not bad, not bad. It’s just right, there’s no need to exchange it.” After helping Ji Huan adjust the tag behind him, Mother Wang took a step back and smiled in satisfaction.

“Auntie, these clothes, I can’t accept it…” How could he not see that this coat was very expensive. Although Ji Huan couldn’t tell good from bad, he knew that the coat was both light and warm. Looking at the fabric, it wasn’t the same as what he usually wore. The price was definitely also different.

“Accept it. Wasn’t your jacket thrown out of the window?” Just as Ji Huan thought to continue to decline, Wang Xiaochuan’s mother came out with such a sentence all of a sudden and Ji Huan suddenly froze.

He had thought that the other day was very chaotic and that no one had paid attention to what he had done and so on. After all, no one questioned him. As it actually turned out…

Someone had still noticed in the end…

“Is there anything in particular about that coat? I saw you hold that coat in Xiaochuan’s hand for a moment. After throwing it out, Xiaochuan’s illness just got better. I don’t believe it was the result of the life-saving procedure. It must be that the coat had something in particular?” Pulling Ji Huan into a corner, Mother Wang’s tone suddenly became very deep and low. Her face also had the appearance of that the mysteries of heaven couldn’t be revealed.

“Ah?” Ji Huan was stunned: She… was misunderstanding something?

Looking at Mother Wang’s sparkling eyes, Ji Huan thought for a long time before he remembered the coat’s recent “encounter”:

“That coat was urinated on by Hei Dan…”

This was the truth. Ji Huan didn’t have many coats and he was accustomed to covering his feet with his jacket at night to keep warm. When Hei Dan had peed that time, the jacket had been unavoidably wet a little. Luckily, Hei Dan’s urine didn’t smell, so Ji Huan just washed it and put it on.

He didn’t need to explain anything next. Mother Wang had already imagined it herself.

“It turned out to be boy’s urine3. Why didn’t I expect it? Since ancient times in China, it was stated that a boy’s urine drives out breathing sickness! Let the sick person put on clothes that a boy urinated on, then burn the clothes away and the disease will burn away with it… Aiya! I should have realized it sooner!”

Listening to Mother Wang arrive to a conclusion, Ji Huan was completely speechless.

However, he didn’t refute it, which was considered to have been tacit approval.

As a result, the next day, Ji Huan received two large and small laundry bags: Both outfits were similar to the clothes that Ji Huan had received yesterday, but in different colors. The small one looked baby-sized.

“For Hei Dan.” Mother Wang’s words confirmed it.

The large one, however, wasn’t Ji Huan’s size. Just when Ji Huan frowned, Mother Wang lowered her voice and sneakily said to Ji Huan:

“These clothes are for Xiaochuan. That thing, is it possible that you can take it and let Hei Dan pee on it? No need to wash it, just bringing it straight back is fine. I’ll let Xiaochuan put it on directly.

Looking at Mother Wang’s expectant gaze, Ji Huan touched his nose and didn’t refuse.

However, Hei Dan almost never urinated. There was nothing to do about it. Ji Huan just had to let Wang Xiaochuan’s new clothes become Hei Dan’s diaper for a few days and increase the amount of water Hei Dan drank during this time. With great difficulty, a little wet spot appeared on it, and Ji Huan immediately took it to Wang Xiaochuan.

That same day, Wang Xiaochuan wore the coat over his patient’s clothes. Wang Xiaochuan was very pleased to be wearing the same jacket as his good friend.

So, Ji Huan didn’t dare to tell him in the end what had wet it. However, he didn’t know whether Hei Dan’s urine had actually been effective, or if the monster that Ji Huan had thrown out the other day was really dead. Since then, Wang Xiaochuan’s body soon got better every day. After a week, he was able to continue his “internship.”

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ah… i don’t know if it’s worse that wxc has to wear the jacket or that ji huan (kindly?) isn’t telling him why it’s wet…

Translator Notes

1 This relates to an idiom 蛛丝马迹 (lit. “spider’s thread and horse tracks”) to describe tiny details/clues.

2 加上他原本就生得好,好马配好鞍,看上去竟是瞬间不同了: a really confusing set of phrases (for my dumb brain), but it’s kind of like “the clothes fit the man”. it may or may not also have something to do with ji huan’s first name (欢) also being a breed of horse. the first sentence still baffles me a little, but i believe that he’s referring to the clothes in relation to the body he was born with… _(:3 」∠)_

3 童子尿 tóngzǐniào: a real thing in traditional chinese medicine! google didn’t offer me much info, but mama wang explained it anyways. i was real tempted to leave this untranslated bc “young boy pee” isn’t something i hoped to ever type out, but i persevered.

Author Comments

“Hei Dandan (slang: balls) wearing new clothes every day.”


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  1. not that I’m saying piss is related but in my culture usually to drive out bad spirits when coming back home late at night we’d spit right beside the front door as it would deter them from coming inside. The fact that spit is like a talisman against inviting unwanted guests is sort of similar in regards to how piss is to shooing away sickness; both body fluids acting as bad omen repellents 😂

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    1. oh i see!!! that makes a lot more sense than what i was thinking. i was thinking that pee must’ve had some kind of supernatural properties or something… i need to learn more abt TCM 😂 i guess maybe it worked for wang xiaochuan in the end anyways? ty for the info!

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    1. omg Σ(゜ロ゜;) i wonder what kind of properties it has?

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  2. Chapter 17 isn’t linked here?
    Thanks for the chapter.
    I thought the good boy Xiaochuan would die. Thank goodness Ji Huan took action before anything else happens. *cries* And that monster who sticks to someone’s body is scary. Pretty much like demon feeding on someone’s spiritual energy until it’s exhausted
    That’s really scary if it happens in rl.

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