PotD 20

Chapter 20: All Demons Love Hot Spring Water
by 月下桑

Ji Huan had been accompanying Wang Xiaochuan home and checking that his parents were there before getting ready to leave.

“Ji Huan, is staying out of the question? It’s so late, it’s so late…” In front of his parents, Wang Xiaochuan didn’t dare to talk openly too much and just persistently urged Ji Huan to stay. His parents didn’t know the reason why and just blindly echoed their son.

“No, I have to go back. Both Grandpa and Hei Dan are at home, I’m uneasy.” Hearing Ji Huan say this, Wang Xiaochuan and his parents were forced to allow him to return home. Wang Xiaochuan’s father immediately wanted to see Ji Huan off to the bus stop, but that proposal was still politely declined by Ji Huan.

“I’m okay by myself. It’s getting late, you need to close up your doors and rest.” What he said was actually a little strange, but seeing Ji Huan wave, the Wang Family reflexively waved back. By the time they returned to their senses, Ji Huan had already left.

“That child is really sensible. He’s clearly a few months younger than Wang Xiaochuan and he’s already carrying his family.”

“Exactly. Very young but noble. Several times, he asked something and I answered immediately. Just like now, he had us close the door to rest and we actually felt pressed to do what he said. There was no reason to say no. When I look at that child, he had the appearance of a government official…” Wang Xiaochuan’s father took over the conversation.

“What are you saying? Clearly, your character is soft-kneed and lazy. All right, our Ji Huan has been this good to Xiaochuan. You need to hurry up a little with the matter of Hei Dan’s residency.”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

“You said that it would be just fine if Ji Huan was a girl. It’s dusk and he still took Xiaochuan home. Taking care of people like this, being childhood sweethearts with Xiaochuan is a good match!”

“This… this… Wife, shouldn’t it not be the girl sending the young man home?”

Wang Xiaochuan’s parents gossiped while locking their doors.

Yet, Wang Xiaochuan had run up to his room’s balcony at an earlier time. Staring at the small figure of Ji Huan, he looked anxious.

Wang Xiaochuan, who was clinging to the balcony and looking over at him, waved his hand, and Ji Huan strode away.

He had been dragging his feet before he left Wang Xiaochuan’s view. He waited until he had left Wang Xiaochuan’s family courtyard before Ji Huan immediately started running.

It was clearly summer, but he didn’t feel hot at all. He was sweating, but it was actually a cold sweat.

With great difficulty, he took the bus back home. But he didn’t go through the gate immediately. Rather, he carefully brushed himself off with a duster. After making absolutely certain that he wasn’t stained with anything, he walked in and then locked the gate.

It was quiet in his home.

Ji Huan’s family had been quiet since his childhood. So quiet that the surrounding families often weren’t aware that there was a neighboring household there.

“Grandpa, I’m back.” Ji Huan yelled as usual.

Then, there was a noise inside the house.

“Hei Dan, Uncle is back!” Grandfather’s happy voice rang out of the house right after. Lifting open the curtain, Ji Huan saw Grandfather walking out with Hei Dan in his arms. At the same time, he saw Hei Dan looking out of the doorway with fixed eyes.

Seeing Ji Huan, Hei Dan reflexively laughed.

Ji Huan, who had had a stiff face for a long time, finally showed signs of relaxing and he took Hei Dan. Hei Dan’s small, ice-cold claws immediately stretched out of his swaddling clothes and skillfully clung to his uncle’s body.

Ji Huan then lifted up Hei Dan’s butt and let his small head lean against his shoulder. This was the posture that Hei Dan was used to recently. He liked to put his head on his uncle’s shoulder, then he opened his pair of white-ring eyes and looked behind him intently.

This time was no exception. Hei Dan’s wish to press his big head on his uncle’s left shoulder was granted. A pair of white-ring eyes had just taken aim in the direction behind his uncle’s shoulder, when suddenly ——

Ji Huan’s left shoulder burst into a giant, howling cry.

“Hey? Why are you suddenly crying?” It was Hei Dan, but he didn’t know at all what had provoked him. He cried again.

Ji Huan hastily moved Hei Dan from his shoulder again and held him in his arms. His arm was warming up. He looked down in disbelief. This feeling was…

“This is… Hei Dan, are you peeing?”

“Xiao Hua, Hei Dan, why is there crying, ah?” Seeing Grandpa still standing dumbly beside them, Ji Huan hurriedly said:

“It’s nothing. Hei Dan peed on me, which is probably why he’s crying now. Grandpa, go back to the house. I’m going to take a bath. I’ll take Hei Dan with him since it’s convenient.”

Sending Grandpa back to the house, Ji Huan carefully looked around once, then he took Hei Dan to the bathing room.

What he had said to Wang Xiaochuan earlier was true. Ji Huan’s family really had a hot spring. Ji Huan’s family had a cabin specially kept for the hot spring water. Ji Huan’s family’s bathing water was entirely hot spring water. It was heated without having to burn anything, and the spring was a flowing one; fresh spring water gushed out from underground all year round. Old spring water passed through to Ji Huan’s family’s pond and flowed to other places.

Naturally, the so-called “other place” in Grandpa’s words was indeed the famous hot spring mountain in town —— Bade Mountain.

Grandpa didn’t have other hobbies. Soaking in hot springs was probably his most favorite thing to do in life. The pool was very simple and crude from the very beginning. Grandpa also wasn’t particularly attentive and bathed directly in the spring water every day. Later, Ji Huan realized that after the spring water flowed through his home, other people still bathed in it. Only then did he, through his blood, sweat and tears, build the current, more tasteful bathing room with Grandpa.

Shutting the bathing room door, Ji Huan took off the t-shirt that was wet with Hei Dan’s urine. The teenager’s somewhat slim upper body was exposed to the air shortly after. The air was humid and hot, but not at all uncomfortable.

It was a little troublesome when he was taking off his clothes. It wasn’t that the clothing was difficult to take off, but that Hei Dan had been firmly clutching his neck and not letting go for the life of him. Since he didn’t intend to let go, Ji Huan simply let him do as he liked. As a result, with a Hei Dan hanging around his neck, Ji Huan washed both of them with warm water, then stepped into the hot spring pool.

Just like Grandfather, Hei Dan was usually also unusually fond of soaking in hot springs.

He could even swim.

As long as you put him in the water, his small claws would just move through the water and he would never sink.

However, for the purpose of safety, Ji Huan would still put a swimming ring around his neck. This way, Hei Dan could enjoy bath time more safely.

Usually, whenever Ji Huan brought Hei Dan to soak in the hot spring together, the uncle and nephew would both divide and conquer the pool. While Ji Huan was at one end, Hei Dan very much enjoyed floating in the pool wearing the swimming ring, exceedingly pleased with himself.

This time was different, however. Even wearing the swimming ring, Hei Dan still refused to let go of his uncle, his little claws firmly clutching Ji Huan’s fingertips. With tightly closed eyes, Hei Dan tried to lean his big head closely on his uncle’s chest. Due to wearing the swimming ring around his neck, his movements looked very amusing.

Ji Huan subsequently undid the swimming ring around Hei Dan’s neck. Hei Dan, who had been freed from his shackles, pressed his little face tightly onto his uncle’s chest, eyes tightly closed. As if that this way, the thing he was scared of would disappear.

Thinking this in his mind, Ji Huan was suddenly shocked.

That’s right, “scared.”

Since entering through the gate until now, Hei Dan’s reaction was very strange, just like he was scared of something.

Because of being scared, he cried.

Again, because he was too scared, he accidentally urinated.

Just now, he said to Grandpa that Hei Dan had cried because he urinated. This was untrue.

Unlike other children, Hei Dan never cried because he wet his swaddling clothes. Instead, he would laugh.

For Wang Xiaochuan’s sake, Ji Huan would often think of ways to make Hei Dan wet the items specified by Wang Xiaochuan’s mother. Whenever Hei Dan successfully urinated, Ji Huan would praise him. Over time, Hei Dan probably thought that peeing was a worthy, happy event. So, every time he urinated, he would always be a very happy person and laugh for a long time. His laughter warned Ji Huan that he had peed.

Therefore, Hei Dan couldn’t possibly be crying because he wet himself.

Hei Dan had been scared and urinated —— Not knowing why, Ji Huan suddenly realized this. 

The bath was very large. When Ji Huan was sitting at one end of the bath, the other side was empty and could seat another person.

Normally, Hei Dan was happily playing in the water on the other side. The small Hei Dan could occupy half the bath. He would happily swim back and forth in the pool water. Yet, at this time ——

Hei Dan had his eyes tightly closed, obviously in the warm spring water but his small body constantly shivering. Hei Dan’s butt was facing the other end of the pool that Ji Huan was across from.

Just as if…

There was something there that made him afraid and not dare to go over. Even to the extent that he didn’t dare to open his eyes.

Extending his foot, Ji Huan suddenly kicked up a splash in the middle of the pool.

The splash was very large and splashed all on to the floor.

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sorry that it’s been so long for an update! i’ve been drowning in homework. also, i didn’t go through and edit this as much as usual, so apologies for any mistakes. 😭

happy chapter 20! hei dan in a swimming ring is very cute. ;;;

TL Notes


Author Comments

“Our Ji Huan’s gong… likes soaking in hot springs.

For the sake of his hobby, this humble servant (*the author) described this small town’s hot spring water in such detail. Aiyo~

(Voice from the heavens: As a result, you only described the public bath and not his appearance… huh?)

Little Hei Dan fell asleep very late at night — — by Yu Shixuan

I’m suddenly thinking, it is very necessary to buy little blanket with a fluorescent effect.”

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  1. Poor Hei Dan.
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    1. hei dan needs his uncle to protect him. 😭 ahhh thank you, your words mean a lot to me! things will be less chaotic after next week and i’ll have more time for myself (aka novels, LOL)

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  2. ML is soaking with them because he didn’t like the thought of ‘used water’ in the other hot spring XD lil Hei Dan be so cute when scared ahh XD (though I say that I’d probably be scared shtless if a baby like Hei Dan appears in my life. XD thanks for the chapter~~


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