PotD 22

Chapter 22: Hei Dan’s Changes
by 月下桑

But after that day, Ji Huan discovered that Hei Dan had changed once again —— he had started to “stick” to him.

As said before, Hei Dan was a quiet little baby. Although having mastered the “essential skills” of human babies under Ji Huan’s “Spartan” training, he was still essentially a little baby with very empty emotions.

Ji Huan didn’t want to use the word “empty” to describe him, but Hei Dan felt like that to people.

Grandpa couldn’t see, but it was clear to Ji Huan: Hei Dan looks at him, looks at Grandpa, and looks at his bottle. A can of powdered milk and a bowl of mashed vegetables were no different.

Just like he didn’t exist in this world, Hei Dan lived in his own world. No one knew what he was thinking, or if he was simply thinking of nothing. He would express his opinions by crying or laughing because of Ji Huan’s training, but that was all.

Crying or laughing wasn’t a way to interact with people, and Ji Huan still felt that he and Hei Dan couldn’t communicate. This was also something that Ji Huan couldn’t teach Hei Dan.

However, after that night, Ji Huan suddenly discovered that all of that had changed.

Hei Dan had started to take the initiative to “communicate” with him!

The next day, when he was feeding Hei Dan after washing clothes, Hei Dan gave Ji Huan his bottle.

Since Hei Dan had never done such a thing before, Ji Huan was dumbfounded. He intentionally glanced at Hei Dan’s bottle: Clear, 300mL with a green sticker stuck on top. Aside from that, there was still half of the milk left.

It shouldn’t not be enough to eat.

Ji Huan looked at Hei Dan confused, but found Hei Dan staring at him very seriously. After a long time, Hei Dan handed the bottle to Ji Huan again. Reflexively taking the bottle, Ji Huan discovered that Hei Dan continued to stare at him with fixed eyes.

Could it be that there was a problem with the powdered milk? Was the flavor different from before?

Ji Huan dubiously twisted the nipple of the bottle and took a sip of the powdered milk inside. While he felt that thee taste wasn’t different, the “xiu xiu” of laughter suddenly followed. His eyes moved from the bottle to Hei Dan’s face, and Ji Huan was surprised to discover that Hei Dan was laughing.

He promptly checked Hei Dan’s diaper: it was dry.

While Ji Huan’s hand was still on Hei Dan’s butt, his hand was suddenly wet. Hei Dan actually urinated on his hand.

Then, Hei Dan was just even more pleased.

Dropping his damp hand, Ji Huan was a little baffled.

Three hours later, when Ji Huan was feeding Hei Dan water, the same thing happened again. Then, it happened once more at dinner…

When Ji Huan took the bottle, Hei Dan just looked at him, and when he took a sip, Hei Dan laughed. After three times, Ji Huan seemed to realize what Hei Dan was doing: he was sharing his food with him.

“Hei Dan, what are you thinking about every day…” Ji Huan, who had been “forced” by Hei Dan again to drink baby powdered milk, looked at the laughing Hei Dan and slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

However, Grandpa said that Hei Dan’s behavior had to be supported and suggested that whenever Hei Dan handed food to him that Ji Huan should not only take it, but act very happy. For Ji Huan who didn’t like to smile, this was the hardest thing. Fortunately, Hei Dan didn’t require very much from him. As long as the corner of Ji Huan’s mouth was faintly raised, Hei Dan seemed to naturally smile back.

Alright, the uncle and nephew’s smiles were both very stiff.


If this change was normal, then the other change was a bit of a fantasy.

On the first night of his sick leave, Ji Huan suddenly woke up in the middle of the night.

He felt someone suddenly embrace him!

Very energetically, he was held under his arms!

Suddenly opening his eyes, Ji Huan saw a monster.

It resembled some kind of hard-shelled creature, but the parts touching him were actually soft. It was ice-cold and damp.

They were obviously in the dark, but Ji Huan found that he could clearly see each and every detail of the monster. He could see the other’s large mouth, and even the densely packed, sharp teeth!

Those big teeth in its mouth, dripping with sticky fluid, snapped towards him!

Danger ——

Ji Huan suddenly opened his eyes, his forehead glistening with an unexpected cold sweat.

Ji Huan realized that everything that had just happened was only a dream.

The bottom of his stomach was heavy. Ji Huan discovered that Hei Dan had crawled up to his stomach at an unknown timee. He also hadn’t realized how he had climbed: he had actually climbed into Ji Huan’s t-shirt. Since he didn’t see the familiar white-ring eyes, Ji Huan determined that Hei Dan was still asleep. However, something was obviously a little wrong this time. Whimper, whimper. Hei Dan was actually crying in his sleep.

Was Hei Dan also dreaming? It seemed to be a nightmare.

After thinking about it, Ji Huan shook Hei Dan awake. He woke Hei Dan in a split second, and Ji Huan felt warmth on the bottom of his stomach.

Hei Dan had wet himself.

Hei Dan, who had peed on his uncle, wasn’t shamed at all. There was also no joy whatsoever. Small claws gripped Ji Huan’s own palm tightly. Hei Dan looked exceedingly tense.

Because of Hei Dan, Ji Huan couldn’t care about his own previous dreams. Carrying Hei Dan, he sneaked into the bathroom and cleaned up. He softly and quietly carried Hei Dan back to his room and went back to sleep.

Then, he had the same dream again.

This time, the other’s teeth had almost bitten into his neck. Then, Ji Huan lowered his head and suddenly saw an indistinct face. Honestly, for Ji Huan, whether it was the black monster holding him now or the face with no features underneath, the psychological shock given to him was very high. Perhaps that indistinct face was even more frightening.

However ——

Just as Ji Huan thought this, that vague person suddenly forced itself over him. While Ji Huan couldn’t figure out what was happening, both of them surprisingly started to fight over him. In the end, that indistinct person seemed to have more strength and suddenly pushed its palm out. The monster was unexpectedly pushed out by them. Then, Ji Huan felt himself being forcibly pressed down on the chest by that person. It was a little painful, but…

A wonderful sense of calm rose in his heart.

Then, Ji Huan noticed that the person was actually wearing a t-shirt. He saw with surprise that there was a small frog on the t-shirt…

Hey!? Wasn’t that his own t-shirt?

After waking up, Ji Huan looked down and, sure enough, the design on his t-shirt was the little frog in his dream.

This… he didn’t want to admit it, but… the vague person in his dream seemed… to be himself.

Ji Huan was remembering the dream when, just like last night, Hei Dan climbed up to his chest again, whimpering before wetting himself again.

Ji Huan: …..

After waking Hei Dan up and proficiently cleaning the both of them up, Ji Huan simply didn’t sleep. He also didn’t let Hei Dan sleep. He prepared a bottle of milk for Hei Dan and watched Hei Dan hold the bottle, slowly calming down. Ji Huan took out a few small toys for Hei Dan to play with. Out of all the toys, Hei Dan liked the frog doll the most. The reason was simple: the frog’s body was green all over. Ji Huan waved the frog in the air, and then Hei Dan stretched his small claws out to catch it. This kind of game would develop a baby’s perception, Wang Xiaochuan’s mother had said.

The conclusion of the game was naturally that Hei Dan caught the green frog. Because he caught it after a long time, Hei Dan looked a little happy. The target of the white-ring eyes’ intent gaze turned to the frog in his hand, and Hei Dan played alone for a long time.

This game may have been very fun for Hei Dan, but it was obviously very boring for Ji Huan. So, after playing and playing, Ji Huan accidentally fell asleep.

Then, he dreamed again.

The dream this time was still in his room. Ji Huan found himself playing with a green frog.

He played very seriously, so seriously that Ji Huan was a little speechless.

However, his inner joy was genuine. Warm and very content.

Ji Huan had not felt that way for a very long time.

After his older sister left, Ji Huan had to worry about Grandpa and Hei Dan all the time. Worried about his Grandpa’s steadily deteriorating health, worried that Hei Dan would become even more strange. Every day. Every day he had been terrified. This kind of warm calm was only there when his older sister had been home.

Ji Huan quietly felt the peace that the frog brought to him.

Then ——

He saw himself.

He saw “himself” sitting next to him. When he looked up and over, “he” smiled very stiffly at him.

It was no longer like the first dream where he had no facial features at all. Although it was still a little hazy, Ji Huan could clearly recognize that person as himself this time. But the “himself” wore a green t-shirt and green shorts. Ji Huan confirmed that there had never been this kind of outfit in his wardrobe.

Then, in the instant that he was looking at himself, Ji Huan suddenly felt a little hungry. Then, he felt a very happy feeling in his heart.

This was a monotonous dream, but his state of mind in the dream was very peaceful and joyful. In this kind of tranquility, Ji Huan fell deeply asleep until the end of the dream. When the sun warmed his body, he woke up.

Hei Dan was playing beside him.

His black body bare, Hei Dan leaned on him and seriously played with the big, green frog doll.

He was playing and would look at him every once and awhile. When he looked over again, he just happened to meet Ji Huan’s opened eyes.

Then, Hei Dan smiled.

In this moment, Ji Huan suddenly understood what that dream yesterday had been about.

Probably… Shouldn’t it be… He had seen Hei Dan’s dream?

After sharing his bottle, Hei Dan had shared his dreams with him… right?

This was the second change between Ji Huan and Hei Dan after that day.

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oof, i’ve been playing a lot of ffxiv recently, so i haven’t spent as much time translating… i need to use my time more wisely so i can do both. _(┐「ε:) _

i hope you enjoy the chapter! ML incoming in three chapters!

TL Notes


Author Comments

Little Frog Hei Dan — by Liu Quan

Also attached is an Orly-style (?) poem:

Hei Dan
Likes the most
Green clothes
Green food
Green Uncle
Likes the most
by 他城重楼卷素罗

(The order of the two paragraphs has been changed below)

Because of the first picture, Hei Dan’s toy turned into a small frog.
Because of this poem, Ji Huan is clothed in green in the dream. Hei Dan likes Green Uncle, likes, likes the most~

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

(TL note: there’s a ps paragraph at the end about the author’s water pipes freezing, but i am too sleepy to translate it, i’m sorry ;___;)

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