PotD 24

Chapter 24: Coming Soon
by 月下桑

Bade Town was a small place, but like a sparrow, as small as it was, it still possessed all of its internal organs.1 From kindergarten, to elementary school, to middle and high school, it had all it needed. It didn’t actually have a university, but the city above Bade Town had a comprehensive university. Although its national ranking and such wasn’t worth mentioning, it was very close to home. The minimum score to pass wasn’t very high and most of the children born in Bade Town would eventually choose to attend school there.

The population of their town wasn’t very big, but it also wasn’t too small. It had enough liveliness without being too crowded. Each and every family had a house, and young people didn’t have to struggle for a humble abode. The average salary wasn’t high, but it wasn’t too low. Without housing pressure, the overwhelming majority of people could make a living in the small town even if they didn’t make a lot of money —— They don’t ask for too much. 

Seeing that Ji Huan and Wang Xiaochuan knew that they could quickly come out of their third year and work, they didn’t have much academic pressure. The pressure on all of the students wasn’t much, and it was even more so for the lives of  adults. And so, there was a phenomena in town that they didn’t realize was strange: most of the people in town had lived there for generations. From the great-grandfather’s generation to the grandfather’s generation, then to the parents’ generation… Even if someone left to go to university, most people would still choose to come back. The little town was simply caught in an eternal loop.

In other words, it was a very closed inland village.

For already-working adults, it wasn’t bad —— After all, people who come back from university to work often become colleagues. For the children, transfer students were simply rare creatures that they had never seen before!

In particular, these transfer students had made the school change uniforms and changed it to such a good-looking style. It was just like what those students in manhua would wear!

These were city people!

The curiosity of the small Bade Town country bumpkins was completely attracted to thee transfer students. Wherever they went, there were always people sneakily sizing them up. It wasn’t that no one tried to talk to the transfer students, but that almost everyone bumped against a hard or soft nail2 with them.

Like that Wang Mingqing. Before Ji Huan returned to school, there was no way to know how many boys and girls tried to start a conversation with her, but she didn’t even spare them a glance. And after Ji Huan came back, she actually took the initiative to greet him, but this time, it was her turn to bump up again the nail with Ji Huan. After that, Ji Huan would read, do homework, and completely ignored her presence.

The hearts of the town’s children were instantly balanced.

Look, us country folk are also very proud. You ignore us, we’ll also ignore you!

In short, after Ji Huan’s return, the transfer students in school had quickly raised up as a hot topic and their flames was just as quickly extinguished.

These things, Ji Huan didn’t notice them just the same.

After school, his working life started again.

Unlike the confusing school life that he ignored, the changes at the sanatorium were obvious for Ji Huan to see at once: there were more patients in the sanatorium.

The rooms that were originally empty were all packed with people. Ji Huan had been working there for more than half a year, and this was the first time he had seen this situation.

However, the people who came to the sanatorium had a couple things in common: One, they all looked very healthy. Two, they were all outsiders.

“Do you think that they came from outside to visit the hot springs?” Wang Xiaochuan didn’t think much of it.

Ji Huan frowned.

“It shouldn’t be. They don’t soak in the hot springs at all~ They all look healthy, I really don’t know what they are paying for here. Maybe it’s just a simple treatment?” Another colleague shrugged. Then, he suddenly lowered his voice: “But, I discovered something.”

“Ah? Say it already ——” Compared to Ji Huan’s indifference, Wang Xiaochuan had the reaction that he was expecting. So, he coughed and quickly said in a whisper:

“A lot of these people have the last name Wang!” Everyone’s surname was posted outside of their door. The name cards were actually made by him and naturally, he noticed it right away.

“Ah? Like my last name?” Wang Xiaochuan was stunned.

“So, I guess this might be a family holiday?” Ji Huan’s colleague declared his conclusion in a mysterious way.

Ji Huan didn’t know at all why these sudden visitors had arrived. However, Wang Xiaochuan asked around later and got a little insider information: someone had wanted to buy the family sanatorium. The head of the institute didn’t consent to it, but they had a very unyielding attitude. Just when the head was almost not able to stay strong against the pressure any longer, two other families soon also expressed their interest in buying it. Privately, the three parties didn’t know whether there was even any contest. Finally, the head there, unexpectedly, decided there was nothing to do and rounded them all up in the sanatorium’s empty rooms.

This is what Wang Xiaochuan had learned from his aunt. His aunt told him to work hard for the near future. In reality, his aunt had told him in private that it would be best if he didn’t come over at this time, but thinking that Ji Huan needed to work, Wang Xiaochuan concealed his aunt’s words.

Ji Huan had had some thoughts of his own. The pool where they had found the black powder had been roped off with a maintenance sign hanging from it and was temporarily prohibited from entering.

Ji Huan’s job was now almost the same as an official caretaker, and Wang Xiaochuan was now much more proficient than he had been when he first arrived, but his work was still slightly basic. Before, in order to show consideration to them, the leaders of the caretaking center often arranged for them to work together on purpose. However, now that there were more guests, it wasn’t good business to have him carry the unskilled Wang Xiaochuan. So, Wang Xiaochuan was arranged to do the outside cleaning work, and Ji Huan still went back and forth to all of the rooms in the core of the sanatorium as he always had.

The person with him today was Sister Zhang, a very experienced caretaker. She was very proud of her professional skills, and no matter how difficult a patient was to take care of, you could just give it to her; she could handle everything very appropriately. Now that the sanatorium had a lot of people who didn’t need nursing, the work assigned to her had become just cleaning and tidying rooms. This was just the work of a hotel waiter!

Although she didn’t say anything, Ji Huan sensed that she wasn’t very happy. Especially with the room they were handling now: there were clothes and shoes everywhere, and the table that was usually used to lay out medicine now had make-up and perfume spread out on it. At a glance, it was the room of a young girl. Never mind that, the room was an awful mess. The guest simply used the room as a hotel room.

Sister Zhang looked even gloomier. The two of them silently cleaned the room, hoping they could finish cleaning the room soon and leave early.

Unfortunately, just at that time, the owner of the room came back. Two people arrived, both girls. Ji Huan actually knew one of them. It was who had been sitting next to him the last few days, Wang Mingqing. Although he didn’t know the other one, she also looked familiar. Most likely, she was another transfer student.

“Qingqing, what on earth does Grandfather want! He actually wants us to do an underling’s work, not to mention that there are so many cleaners at home and here! Why does he want us to do these things!” The girl he didn’t know was complaining loudly when she walked through the door. Seeing that there were two people cleaning in the room, she hastily shut up.

However, she was probably in a bad mood, and Ji Huan and Sister Zhang had just entered her line of fire. Her face immediately turned awful.

Fortunately, Wang Mingqing recognized Ji Huan in time and reached out to stop her. Wang Mingqing smiled at Ji Huan: “Is that you, Ji Huan? Why are you here… ah?”

Ji Huan wore a mask while he worked, and it was difficult for her to recognize him at a glance.

“Who is he? Qingqing, why do you know a cleaner?” Ji Huan still hadn’t answered yet, and the other girl had already blurted something out. Sister Zhang, who was next to Ji Huan, had a dark look on her face.

So, before Sister Zhang could take the opportunity, Ji Huan hurriedly opened his mouth:

“I work here part-time.”

And this time, Wang Mingqing introduced Ji Huan to the girl next to her. Hearing her introduce him with a single word as her “classmate”, Ji Huan thought: As expected, the other girl is also one of the transfer students. 

Ji Huan wanted to finish cleaning the room quickly and leave quickly. Although he didn’t mind helping his classmates clean, the face of Sister Zhang next to him was getting worse and worse. Most likely, the word “cleaner” just now had offended her.

However, his wish was doomed to be unfulfilled. After listening to Wang Mingqing’s introduction, the other girl’s mood suddenly shifted and she suddenly said, happily:

“If this is a person you know, it’s fine. Hey! Can you two help me with something? I’ll pay you double your hourly pay. How about it? You’re both janitors, it’s the same anywhere, right?”

Ji Huan originally wanted to refuse, but after glancing at Sister Zhang next to him, he couldn’t help but open his mouth. Ji Huan hastily pulled down his mask before she could:

“I can, but only I can go. Sister Zhang is an official caretaker here. She just came to teach me, she doesn’t usually do this.”

While he said this, he pressed down on Sister Zhang’s shoulder. Sister Zhang struggled to free her shoulder stubbornly, but she didn’t say a word against Ji Huan in the end.

After that, Ji Huan inexplicably found himself with another job. The pay was very good, and he now had triple the salary.

The work place: the private family courtyard next door.

It wasn’t just that girl. Wang Mingqing had pondered it over and over again, and finally asked Ji Huan to take her work as well.

Wearing the assigned uniform that the both of them had sent him and bringing a wooden plate3 bearing his identity, Ji Huan took on his post.

After being inspected at the gate, Ji Huan, carrying all of his cleaning tools, walked through the main entrance of the residential courtyard that had been very mysterious in the eyes of Wang Xiaochuan…

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i’ll be releasing the next chapter in the next couple hours!

TL Notes

1 麻雀虽小五脏俱全: an idiom, it means that something can be small but still has everything it needs. 

2 碰了个或软或硬的钉子: i couldn’t find a reference for this kind of phrase anywhere, but from my understanding in this context, it means they either get along with them or not at all. 

3 木牌: see below. 

Image result for 木牌

Author Comments

“Today’s Hei Dan is being held by his uncle! —— by 不打脸我们还是好朋友
These two chapters actually have a lot of things that I’ve wanted to write for a long time~ For example, school life, such as adorable uniforms, such as…
Such as tying a necktie: it is my dream for the gong and the shou to tie each others’ neckties! Unfortunately, Little Yellow Luyi was born in a primitive era without neckties.
Although Aolijiu’s era has neckties, the both of them live apart for a long time, and Aolijiu had skilled necktie tying techniques. (referring to her other story)
So, here is Xiao Hua at last! This! is a Ji Huan who is skilled at tying neckties!
Write it first, then he can tie the mysterious gong‘s necktie! (← Hey!)
Before that, let Child Shoe (tongxie = child shoe, tongxue = classsmate) Wang Xiaochuan  have a go first.
PS the gong will appear in the next chapter.
Probably… hm.”

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