PotD 25

Chapter 25: He Has Arrived
by 月下桑

The “work clothing” that Ji Huan got from Wang Mingqing was all white and made of cotton. There was no metal on it, and it required ropes of the same material to tie it.

The person here must really be sick. The cleaner uniform was actually all white.1 —— Ji Huan, wearing the clothes, could only think that.

His mind was full of thoughts of how he couldn’t get the white cleaner’s uniform dirty. Ji Huan didn’t hear it, but just after he left, the two people that had let him in started to chat:

“The Wang Family is really unwilling to give up. The girls didn’t say that they actually found a boy to come over.”

“The boy is useless. Our Elder Shuzu loathes that family. Just recently, I pointed out that he is in the most remote place and that no one can touch him…”

Ji Huan, who didn’t know that he was loathed, was lead away.

He tried as best as he could not to glance sideways the whole way and not look around everywhere, but the roadside scenery still inevitably entered his mind.

It’s beautiful here —— That was the only thought that emerged in Ji Huan’s mind.

After entering through the gate, what appeared before Ji Huan was an elegant, exceptionally classical garden!

It was a large area of grass, with a curved, white stone path through the middle. Tall and short flowers and trees contrasted with each other nicely. It was completely unlike the rough pruning that Ji Huan had seen on roadsides. Rather, a kind of… uh… how do you say it? Very indescribably refined. The plants and trees where seemed to be arranged in a very remarkable manner.

Ji Huan followed the person in front of him slowly along the winding path. They passed through a low gate with vines of blooming pink flowers. Then, the scenery inside changed again. There was actually a large, lotus flower pond. Ji Huan didn’t know if it was the season for lotus flowers to bloom, but the lotus flowers had bloomed so beautifully! While walking over a bridge, Ji Huan looked down at the pond and saw the large tails of fish flashing through the lotus leaves. It was just a small glance, but the size of the fish tails gave Ji Huan a big shock!

Was that actually a fish? They had such large fish?

Each courtyard had water, and the garden seemed to have been built around the water. Following the winding stream, Ji Huan and the other person walked through several low gates. This place was much bigger than he had thought. He looked as they walked deeper and deeper, but Ji Huan didn’t see any houses. At the most, he glimpsed a few roof eaves in the distance, the very old-fashioned kind hidden between layers of trees. Ji Huan didn’t have the chance to draw closer.

After walking for so long, Ji Huan somehow hadn’t seen another person except for the person in front of him!

Ji Huan’s heart suddenly started to become anxious.

It wasn’t until the person leading the way brought Ji Huan to a verdant green garden that Ji Huan finally saw some people wearing the white cleaner uniform like him appear. After assigning a place for Ji Huan to clean, the person leading the way told Ji Huan that he must not be loud, no matter what, or wander all over the place. While he did this, the cleaners gathered up and walked over. It was very strange, all the cleaners were actually young girls. Each and every one of them looked… very similar to Wang Mingqing, not in appearance but in feeling.

How to say it? It was just this: At a glance, it was the feeling of a rich, eldest daughter who didn’t have to work.

Thinking this, Ji Huan didn’t say a word. Drooping his eyelashes, he ducked his head in a way to avoid those girls’ curious looks.

“Hello! The place that I’m responsible for has been cleaned. Can I leave?” Waiting impatiently for the person leading the way to finish speaking, one of the girls was unable to help blurting out her reason for coming over. After her, the other four girls also spoke up and what they said was virtually the sameA: their work was finished, they intended to leave, and they were just waiting for someone to lead them out.

So, when the person leading the way left, a line of young girls followed them.

When Ji Huan was the only one left in the garden, the huge space was suddenly incomparably quiet. Looking all around, Ji Huan sighed on the inside: They actually said this was clean and tidy? Just one close look would reveal that all of it needed to be cleaned!

He really didn’t know what this kind of cleaner was for.

Essentially, Ji Huan had a little bit of a strict disposition. But, thinking about it carefully, all of them very much resembled Wang Mingqing. Not in appearance, but in temperament. They were all probably children of wealthy families in the city and, like Wang Mingqing, they had been forced to “work” here by their elders. Each and every one of them looked like they had never needed to fend for themselves. It wasn’t realistic to count on them to clean up the whole area. On the contrary, for him, it was absolutely essential that he cleaned up for the triple salary that Wang Mingqing and the other girl had hired him for.

So, Ji Huan started to seriously clean.

Having worked at home since he was a child and now working at the sanatorium, Ji Huan himself was very good at cleaning. In addition, his own personality was very meticulous, and although he might not be aware of it himself: he was also very fussy. This kind of nature was very thorough when doing anything, and cleaning work was no exception. After carefully assessing the area he wanted to clean, Ji Huan cleaned vigorously. Then, just as he was drenched in sweat and wiping at a stain on a slab of blue stone, a sound suddenly came from beside him.

“Very clean.”

Not moving from his crouch and wiping the stone, Ji Huan immediately raised his head. Then, he saw a very incredible person.

Yes, incredible.

The moment that he saw that person2, Ji Huan’s mind was a blank space.

It was a man with short black hair and black eyes, but it wasn’t the black hair and black eyes that he saw everywhere in town, that was common in all Asians. It was a more pure black, just like the night.

The moment that he saw that person, Ji Huan felt like he had caught sight of a deep night.

He was drowning in them ——

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we finally made it!! ml has more of an introduction next chapter. :3c also, i took a little liberty with the last line. the original was “被淹没了” which was literally “by (them) drowned/submerged.” if you think there’s a better word choice, please let me know, because this is an important reoccurring line. 😭

thanks for reading!

TL Notes

1 In Chinese culture, white represents death, so the insinuation is that the person the courtyard is for is dying.

2 那个人: literally and commonly “that person”, but it can also have some other insinuated meanings, like “the person you’ve been looking for” or the right person for you, etc.

Author Comments

“Pay attention, even if the mysterious gong only says a sentence,
that sentence directly points out his personality. His interests, too…..
He noticed Xiao Hua’s immediate effect. (i.e. cleaning)
A very crucial line, please try to figure it out for yourself.

This is Yushixuanhua’s Hei Dan, not the gong.
︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿
In addition, there is a soft clay version of Hei Dandan today.

He still has small tears in his eyes~
I love Zuomengjun’s handiwork, perfect score!”

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  1. Sigh…
    So many chapters and ML only say 1 line…
    I guess we really have to be very patient.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    Thank you for the update ❤️
    Now I understand why you suddenly give us 2 chapters.

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    1. yep, yue xiasang is really drawing it out 😭 like most things in this novel. and yes, LOL. the chapter after it was so short that i felt bad leaving you guys hanging for too long… thanks for reading!! 💖

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      1. I don’t really mind because he/she builds the MC character and the world around him with great intention.
        But hell, 24 chapters is really long.
        I feel like we’re so whipped by this story, we’re forced to be patient and wait for the ML to show up.
        His/her is quite skilled at teasing us.

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        1. honestly, me neither!! i love all the characters so much that i enjoy all of their interactions, even if the ML took his sweet, sweet time. 😂 i’m happy that the main genre is slice of life/horror more than romance but i’m still so thirsty for the ML interactions

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          1. So do I, mate.
            So do I.
            Now if you’ll excuse me.
            I’m gonna go and read the next chapter.
            Thank you for providing your time in replying the comments.
            Stay well and healthy, okay?


  2. This is such a wonderful read- thank you so much for picking it up! The MC and his family are so adorable! I love how nothing is rushed and the world building is so well done- kind of love the fact that we got to know the MC a bit before ML made an “official” appearance.

    Thank you also for your wonderful translating! Also, thank you for the author’s notes and pictures and the TL notes- I really enjoy reading them and learning more.

    Can’t wait to see how MC and ML’s first interaction goes! 😀

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    1. thank you for such a kind message! ❤️ i’m so glad you’re loving this novel. it had such bad reviews when i first started that i was worried no one would give it a chance again, but i’m happy everyone is seeing it for the heart warming novel that it is. and i totally agree!! i usually hate slow burn stuff, but i love the sleepy town of bade and all of its occupants.

      it’s no problem! the author posts such cute drawings from fans all the time that it felt like a travesty not to share them with the english reading community.

      you will see soon 👀 again, thank you for such a lovely comment! 💕

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