PotD 26

Chapter 26: Cleanse
by 月下桑

The man was white from top to bottom. His clothes were white, and his skin was white. Only his hair and eyebrows were a dense, inky black. Fine, his eyes were also black, the same black as night. A cloudy night without stars. A pure black.

Like stagnant water.

Despite Ji Huan being someone that didn’t care so much about people’s appearances, the moment that he saw the man shocked his brain into a blank space.

However, he quickly realized that it was rude to stare at someone. Regardless if the person was a man or a woman, it wasn’t polite, so he quickly looked away. After a while, he thought that it was also bad to ignore him like that, so he raised his head again:

“You… also came here to clean?”

The man looked about the same age as him, and the “uniform” he was wearing looked almost the same as his. In addition, he commented at the time on the cleanliness of the surroundings, so Ji Huan chose those words as an opening statement.

As result, after the words were spoken, the man’s submerged eyes suddenly shifted over to his face and stared. He clearly looked about the same age as Ji Huan, but the man gave others the impression of being exceedingly dignified. If it were an ordinary person, they would have most likely already looked away, not daring to offend.

However, the person finding themselves under the weight of this man’s power now was Ji Huan.

Hei Dan stared at him intently every day. Being stared at Hei Dan while eating, being stared at Hei Dan while sleeping… Okay, despite Ji Huan having had nightmares for several days the first time that Hei Dan stared at him while he slept, he had gotten used to it after a while. Of course, Hei Dan slept with his eyes closed now.

Maybe Hei Dan had been watching him sleep out of a sense of insecurity? Thinking about Hei Dan during that period of time, Ji Huan still felt very bad.

Thinking of Hei Dan, Ji Huan’s mind wandered off, but that didn’t prevent him and the man from looking at each other. When the man looked at him with fixed eyes, he looked at the man just as intently. Ji Huan hadn’t realized it yet: just like how he had trained many “habits” into Hei Dan, Hei Dan had “trained” a few “habits” into him at the same time.

After silently staring back at Ji Huan for a long time, the man actually smiled.

With this smile, the strange feeling from before immediately disappeared. Ji Huan even felt like his smile had the nerve to be “warm and happy.”

“Clean? Mmn, right. I also came here to clean.”

So, Ji Huan gave him a little nod. Seeing the man’s empty-handed appearance, he very generously handed him the unused broom from the cleaning equipment he had brought.

“I’ll lend it to you.”

The people in this place were very strange, not sending any cleaning tools. Fortunately, he had the foresight to bring a set. Otherwise, who would he be going to now?

The man before his eyes must have somehow been one of the dumbfounded people who hadn’t thought of it.

This thought flashed through his mind. Then, Ji Huan continued to crouch on the ground and treat the stain with whole-hearted devotion.

When Ji Huan stood up after a while with sweat on his brow, the other man was still lazily sweeping. The way he was holding the broom was obviously unskilled. Ji Huan frowned, and suddenly thought of the wealthy eldest daughters that he had seen earlier.

Okay, this person was probably also a young master.

“The broom isn’t used that way. You’re holding it too high, it can be very tiring that way. Watch me.” Ji Huan had actually wanted to tell him that it wasn’t good, but essentially, he was still a teenager who liked to take care of people. Of his age, there were very few kids with this characteristic. For the next while, he patiently showed the other man how to use the broom, cleaning rag and other various tools in his cleaning bucket.

However, the other man clearly hadn’t worked very much. Ji Huan was teaching him in name, but unconsciously, almost all of the area that the man was responsible for was cleaned up by Ji Huan during his demonstration.

He taught him seriously. Obviously, he considered the other man to be someone like himself who had really come here to work.

That is, Ji Huan was a big boy who didn’t usually pay very much attention to clothes. He just saw that both of them were wearing clothing in almost the same color and style, and decided that the other man was a cleaner like himself. If it had been the girls instead, they wouldn’t have made such a mistake. The texture of the fabric, the color, the details of the clothes on the two… were too different. How could they be the same clothes?

“It’s a little late, I’m going to leave. Do you want to go with me?” After looking at the time, Ji Huan realized that his shift was over, so he was preparing to leave.

The other man shook his head.

Okay, the other man had come later than him. He hadn’t worked enough yet as he rightfully should have.

Thinking this, Ji Huan waved at the other man: “Bye.”

Following Ji Huan with his eyes as he left, a faint smile was on the man’s face.

After looking at the courtyard that had become clean once more, his black eyes shifted, and the expression on the man’s face became unreadable.

Shuzu! Shuzu! It’s getting dark. It’s time for your medicine, Shuzu! Where are you?” In the distance, there was a faint voice calling out.

Taking one more glance in the direction where Ji Huan disappeared, the man slowly turned around and steadily walked up the steps. Step by step, he gradually walked into the refined wooden building where Ji Huan had not been allowed to go.

A copper incense burner blew out clouds of smoke, and a pure white fog floated into the air.

There was a strange scent filling the air of the room. The fragrance of agarwood, and the smell of medicine.

There were people in the room, but they were quiet and still. Until a voice broke the silence.

“The one who cleaned the southern corner courtyard today… was someone sent by the Wang Family?”

“Yes, Shuzu. I don’t know what his family is thinking, but they sent a lot of young girls over. I was afraid that they would disturb you, so I arranged for them to go to the most remote courtyard, but I hadn’t expected them to actually work…” Replying was a middle-aged man, the one that had appeared before at the hot spring.

“There was a boy there. His cleaning wasn’t too bad. In  the future… let him continue working.”

“… Yes.”

At that point, the conversation stopped, and it was silent behind the bed curtains once more.

The middle-aged man quietly withdrew from the room. While thinking, his heart was thudding: the Wang Family had sent so many beautiful young maidens. What meaning it held was clear to others, but Shuzu had never had any interest in those things. Now, he had personally mentioned a boy. Was it possible that Shuzu actually, to boys…

He had thought too much.

The area of the courtyard that Ji Huan had cleaned was very neat. Not only was there no garbage in the ordinary sense, but even the black stains left behind by monsters were gone.

Nothing. The side of the garden was neat, and the air was especially fresh.

This was something that Ji Huan himself had yet to notice: of all the people, he was the only person who had actually done any cleaning.

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why am i not surprised that ji huan is the type to do everything himself while trying to teach someone how to do it—

hope you enjoyed it! the next couple of chapters are more hei dan/grandpa, but the ML is sprinkled in if i remember right. (ृʾ́꒳ʿ̀ ृ )ु

TL Notes


Author Comments

“Eh, the encounter between Ji Huan and Mister is very flat. In fact, I also thought it was too weak, but they can’t be too deep with each other.
That is to say, there is almost no impression of each other in their first meeting.
Their ages are different, their life backgrounds are completely different, and there’s no intersection between their lives.
There shouldn’t be any intersection.
Then, they suddenly meet.
As an ordinary young man, uh… Xiao Hua actually wouldn’t be seen like that by people.
Thinking about how the emotional parts of this story should unfold:
Experiencing the mutual romance between Luyi (Louis) and Ah Tu, the eating together, living together relationship. And the feeling of Ao Li  and Mu Gen’s childhood sweetheart romance. This story…
I probably want to try another kind of unexpected yet reasonable romance.
But in general, this story is attached to the plot.
I have written some horror novels before. My weak point is probably when following the plot, I easily neglect the romance. This time, I want to try and add a little more emotional parts.”

5 thoughts on “PotD 26”

  1. Sounds promising enough to me, Author.
    I’m still eager to see the mystery revealed, tho’.
    What are those monsters doing in their ordinary lives?
    What’s with the black stains?
    How will Hei Dan grow up?
    Also, how Ji Huan and ML’s relationship can bloom when they’re not even from the same world?
    Ah, so many things to be expected.

    Thanks for the update ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha, what a funny meeting! Not flat at all, author! MC is so cute- working so hard and helping his “co-worker”. As for ML- I wonder if he’s sick(?) or because he can see(?) the “monsters”, and it takes a toll on his body? I’m happy though he didn’t say anything to MC about his mistake and let him carry on- should make for an interesting “official” first meeting! Also, middle aged uncle… hohoho, looking forward to his reactions!

    Quick question- why is ML called Grand uncle? Or will that be revealed later?

    Thank you so much for your hard work! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. All will be revealed in time— ψ(`∇´)ψ and yes the poor guy. he’s going to have an awful time with the ML’s apparent (?) fixation, LOL.

      (thinking emoji) i don’t remember if they explain it in the story, but i believe in this context, it’s more of a title of respect than of any blood relations. they’re calling him 叔祖 (shúzǔ) which is your grandfather’s younger brother. so, he COULD be the middle aged guy’s relative, but he could also just be a very respected figure. it’s ambiguous………. for now >:3c

      Liked by 2 people

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