PotD 28

Chapter 28: Hei Dan and Grandpa
by 月下桑

Hei Dan seemed to be very curious about his tooth growing in. He couldn’t help but reach out and touch his little tooth. Whenever he would notice him making this movement, Ji Huan would hit his little claws. So, when Ji Huan and Grandfather were there, Hei Dan would obediently withdraw his claws. However, after Ji Huan left for school, Grandpa’s attention inevitably left with him, so Hei Dan finally managed to succeed in his exploration.

He successfully touched his own little tooth.

Then ——

His little claw was cut by his little tooth!

As a result, Ji Huan, who had finished his homework early and dozed off, fell asleep and dreamed of Hei Dan wailing.

The Hei Dan in his dream was crying so sadly, but that wasn’t the reason that Ji Huan was startled into standing up. The reason for Ji Huan’s panic was that there was a monster holding Hei Dan in his dream!

A monster that Ji Huan could hardly imagine was clutching Hei Dan.

It was a monster that Ji Huan had never heard of in his life: it was completely grayish black, and its body had hard scales. There was white fur on its elbows, the back of its hands, its ears and chin. In addition, there were actually goat-like horns on its head!

The monster was very tall, but it was unusually thin. Ji Huan could almost count how many ribs it had. It had a pair of very powerful claws with sharp nails, and on the back of its hands were stiff hairs like steel wool. At that moment, Hei Dan was struggling in one of the monster’s claws and weeping. With each movement of the monster, parts of its body seemed to form a black fog…

Ji Huan jumped up, and after speaking with Wang Xiaochuan, he ran home!

Ever since he discovered that he could occasionally share dreams with Hei Dan, Ji Huan was very careful about dreaming. Although the dream just now could possibly have been his own daydream, it was also possible that Hei Dan was really calling for help in a dream.

Ji Huan ran straight back home regardless.

When he opened the door to his house, gasping for breath, Hei Dan was still crying, but it wasn’t the loud wailing in his dream. Rather, it was sobbing. Someone really was holding him and not letting him flail around, but it wasn’t a monster. It was Ji Huan’s grandfather.

Noticing that Ji Huan had come back, the same pleading expression appeared on the great-grandfather and great-grandson’s faces at almost the same time.

Clearly, Hei Dan was desperate to be thrown into the arms of his uncle. Almost as soon as he saw Ji Huan, he let go of his great-grandfather’s pitiful beard and took the initiative to stretch his small claws out to Ji Huan.

After hearing the whole story, Ji Huan was a little speechless: alright, when Grandpa went to the toilet, Hei Dan had finally succeeded in bringing his little tooth within his evil clutches. Then, his tooth had been too sharp and his finger was stabbed. Looking at his little finger that was bleeding, Hei Dan became a watering can once again. The old man couldn’t calm him. When he finally managed to set Hei Dan up to take a nap, Hei Dan fell asleep. Then, Ji Huan had dreamed.

“Look, you weren’t allowed to touch your tooth. You insisted on touching it and hurt your hand?” Wrapping a band-aid over Hei Dan’s thin, little claw, Ji Huan spoke to Hei Dan while carefully examining Hei Dan’s hand.

Although usually Ji Huan was grabbed by Hei Dan’s little claws, Hei Dan wouldn’t normally let him look at his hand.

This time, Hei Dan offered over his little claws to Ji Huan.

They were little claws not just in name, but in reality.

Hei Dan’s nails were long and sharp, completely unlike a human’s…

Ji Huan’s face didn’t change as he stuck a band-aid on Hei Dan and blew on his fingers.

“Okay, it doesn’t hurt if you blow on it.” He said to Hei Dan what his Grandpa had told him as a child to calm him when he hurt himself.

Enormous white-ring eyes stared straight at Ji Huan’s face. After the little tears finally disappeared, Hei Dan suddenly did something strange:

Maintaining his fixed eyes on his uncle, Hei Dan opened his mouth for Ji Huan.


After being dazed for a moment, Ji Huan immediately looked over carefully. He then discovered that the inside of Hei Dan’s mouth wasn’t the bottomless bit of red fog that he had previously thought it was. Rather, it was something real made of flesh and blood. However, it was different from the mouth of an ordinary person. The inside of Hei Dan’s mouth was scarlet like the color of blood. It looked just like it was flowing with blood…

No, not “look like”, but it was bleeding.

In the small mouth, Ji Huan first saw a sharp little tooth. It was a lower tooth. The tooth was very white, and it didn’t have the shape of an ordinary person’s teeth…

Ji Huan’s eyes only paused on the tooth for a moment before leaving. Then, he finally noticed the liquid in Hei Dan’s mouth. Suddenly noticing something and wanting to confirm his suspicion, Ji Huan carefully cleaned his finger and dipped his finger into Hei Dan’s mouth to explore. Hei Dan suddenly closed his mouth. A pair of white-ring eyes looked flatly at his uncle, and there were tears in them again.

Ji Huan then lightly patted Hei Dan’s head.

“It turns out that more than a finger got hurt. Hei Dan’s mouth is also hurt.”

Alright, the tooth hurt his finger, and his finger also stabbed his mouth. Hei Dan had staged a big “self-contradiction1” play all by himself. It seemed… very funny.

Eventually, he was unable to control the smile growing on the corners of his mouth and Ji Huan smiled.

His finger lightly scratched the top of Hei Dan’s mouth and as expected, Hei Dan couldn’t bear the tickling and opened his mouth. Ji Huan lightly stroked Hei Dan’s little chin and then gently blew into Hei Dan’s mouth.

“Okay, it won’t hurt if you blow on it.”

There was no way to stick a band-aid on the inside of his mouth and there wasn’t any medicine good for it, so he could only use a mental comfort method.

Hei Dan, after being mentally comforted by his uncle: he smacked the lips of his small mouth and opened his mouth again.

Alright. So, Ji Huan blew on it again for him.

“Hei Dan, your nails need to be cut. Otherwise, you’ll hurt yourself in the future.” After picking up the small claw and looking at it, Ji Huan made a suggestion to Hei Dan.

Hei Dan just stared at his uncle with white-ring eyes. Alright, this time, his mouth was still open.

“Not talking is the same as agreeing.” Looking at Hei Dan’s strange little expression, Ji Huan made the decision for him.

Using the nail clippers from Grandfather’s room that were said to have been in the family for forty years, Ji Huan began to seriously trim Hei Dan’s nails.

He cut the fingernails first, then the toenails. After cutting them, Ji Huan picked up his little finger again after seeing Hei Dan’s confused expression and stroked it on his cheek.

It hurt a little bit, but… it didn’t scratch.

Thinking this, Ji Huan had Hei Dan look at the spot where his nails had streaked across.

“If you cut your nails, they won’t cut.” He stated to Hei Dan.

Hei Dan still had a dumbfounded expression.

So, Ji Huan extended his “claws” again.

Extending both hands, Ji Huan tickled Hei Dan’s ticklish spots. Then, Hei Dan was forced to laugh and squirm around.

Ji Huan was satisfied.

“Mmn, you had to laugh this time.”

After that, Hei Dan seemed to have learned his lesson and he didn’t reach for his mouth again. Instead, he seemed to realize that his tooth was something bad. Afterward, he was more careful about eating. A biscuit that used to be gone in a bite, he would now eat it for a long time. Eating slowly, he particularly had the appearance of a little tortoise.

“Ha! Our Hei Dan is really not worrying us about eating things and not getting it everywhere!” Grandpa very proudly reached out to poke Hei Dan’s little face, but his eyesight was too bad. This time, he didn’t poke Hei Dan’s little face, but rather Hei Dan’s mouth.

Hei Dan, who had been eating biscuits, suddenly choked.

Hei Dan started crying again!

Alright, Hei Dan and Grandpa…

Looking at the crying Hei Dan and looking at the face of Grandpa trying to curry favor by offering a new biscuit to Hei Dan, Ji Huan’s eyes finally fell on Grandpa’s white beard and he let out a sigh again:  in Hei Dan’s dream, Grandpa had been a big monster. It was better not to let Grandpa know, right? If Grandpa knew, he would definitely be broken-hearted.

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school started last week and work has been busy, but i finally finished tling this! the next few chapters are some of my favorite, so i’m gonna try to get them done in a timely manner. 😤 but first…… i have to do homework….. ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ

TL Notes

1 自相矛盾: an idiom in reference to a folk story about a merchant selling spears and shields who claimed that his shields were so strong that they couldn’t be pierced by spears and that his spears were so sharp that they could pierce any shield, thereby causing the crowd to ask him what would happen if he stabbed one of his shields with one of his spears. 

Author Comments

“Eh, I didn’t know what happened yesterday, but the work’s classification was reset.
Just changed it again.
The Lantern Festival Poetry Contest has begun! You can participate if you have poetry skills!
This time, Hei Dan and Uncle are participating~” (note: I’m gonna try to find the aforementioned poem/s and do a rough TL for the next chapter!)

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  1. Uwaaaaa..
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  2. Such an adorable (well, not so much for Hei Dan) chapter! It’s really sweet to see just how close Hei Dan and his uncle are, and just a taaad bit funny to see how great grandson sees his grandfather, haha.

    Thank you so much for the update! Good luck with the work, school and homework! 🙂

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  3. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!
    And Hei Dan’s representation of Grandpa as a big bad goat monster is almost on point, because of grandpa’s beard. XD

    Thanks for the chapter


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