PotD 29

Chapter 29: Dream
by 月下桑

In comparison to his peers, the schedule of Ji Huan’s daily life was awful, and terribly awful at that.

He got up at 5:30 every morning and went to cook right after washing up. In addition to breakfast, Ji Huan had to make meals for Grandpa for the whole day. After he was finished, he took a portion and put it on the table. Then, the rest would be put in the fridge. Ji Huan had bought a microwave with the money he earned from working a while ago. Its function was very simple and it could only heat food, but such a microwave was suitable to use for Grandpa, who couldn’t see well.

Cooking was done by boiling water while making vegetable mush and fruit mush, then boiling a few eggs. That was Hei Dan’s ration for the moment. In addition to powdered milk, Hei Dan now had a lot of supplemental food. Along with green vegetable mush, Hei Dan loved to eat eggs. Especially egg yolk! He was very sensitive to the word “egg” now and would devour an egg every morning.

After shaking awake Hei Dan who was still sleeping in bed, Ji Huan would put him in bed with Grandpa after feeding him breakfast. Hei Dan would accompany Grandpa back to sleep and Ji Huan would go to school early.

Class time was from 8:30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Ji Huan would prepare school homework during this time and review work. After finishing his homework for the day, he would take a nap if there was still time at noon.

Such an uninteresting arrangement made Ji Huan too busy to communicate with other students in school. It wasn’t surprising that he had become a strange person with no friends.

The situation had improved a little after he met Wang Xiaochuan, but it was limited.

“Hey, you fell asleep again…” During class, Wang Xiaochuan snuck a look back at Ji Huan, only to find that Ji Huan was already asleep on his desk.

Glancing forward again, the class’ math teacher was looking dark as expected.

In order to direct their teacher’s anger to himself, Wang Xiaochuan did a very self-sacrificial, brave thing: he, he blatantly spoke to his classmate behjind him. Sure enough, the teacher noticed the scene and when the teacher picked him to answer a question problem, Wang Xiaochuan looked solemn and tragic.

However, in the end, the math teacher didn’t forget Ji Huan after the brazen act and left a very difficult problem for Ji Huan to do as extra homework. Only then did the old man allow him to leave.

The problem was actually very difficult. After finishing the rest of his homework on the bus, it was the only question he couldn’t finish and Ji Huan pondered the problem while he worked.

“Math homework?” When Ji Huan had just been hiding to rack his brains, a gentle voice suddenly spoke next to his ear.

Raising his head, it really was that man.

Ah Jin.1” Ji Huan called out his name.

The name of the man was Ah Jin. When the two had met each other for the fourth time, Ji Huan had finally learned his name.

“Good evening, Ji Huan.” Saying a greeting, the man sat down next to Ji Huan.

“Good evening.” Ji Huan responded to him. After a moment, he suddenly thought of something. He took out a small bag from beside him and pushed it between the two of them.

It was actually Hei Dan’s little supplementary biscuits. After realizing that Ah Jin liked the biscuits very much, he simply brought a few more every time.

When he had brought them for the second time, Ah Jin wasn’t empty-handed the next time. He brought a tea set and asked Ji Huan to drink tea.

The movement of Ah Jin brewing tea was an elegance that Ji Huan had never seen before, the same as moving clouds and flowing water. Even if they hadn’t had any tea to drink2, it would still have been a pleasure just to watch him make it. Furthermore, although Ah Jin didn’t say it outright, the tea had a warm and mellow flavor that Ji Huan had never tasted before, with a lingering aftertaste. It must have surely been a very good tea.

First-rate tea with homemade baby biscuits. The arrangement was a little strange, but the two parties sharing it didn’t seem to think that there was any problem.

Ji Huan appreciated the way that Ah Jin made tea. When Ah Jin pushed over a steaming cup of tea, he said thank you and drank the tea very seriously.

“It was made in Zhangxi… Baifeng Hao…” Then, he declared his own sampling conclusion.

“Huhu, correct.” Then, Ah Jin smiled in a very delighted manner.

Where was Zhangxi and what was Baifeng Hao3? Ji Huan completely didn’t know before. They were all things that Ah Jin had mentioned while making tea and chatting with him.

However, Ji Huan had a little bit of an upper hand in this respect. If he ate food outside, he could return home and after pondering it, he could recreate it very closely. Ah Jin introduced him to the tea he was drinking and after drinking it once, he could generally differentiate it.

Ah Jin was a very modest person. After drinking a small cup of tea and eating three biscuits, he didn’t continue. However, Ji Huan had been doing math problems for a long time and was hungry. Putting his homework aside, he continued to eat.

“May I look at it?” After asking Ji Huan and getting permission, Ah Jin picked up Ji Huan’s notebook. In the time it took Ji Huan to drink a small cup of tea, he had unexpectedly wrote the answer in Ji Huan’s notebook!

After taking a look at the notebook, Ji Huan was stunned:

He had actually really solved it!

Following along with Ah Jin’s problem solving reasoning, Ji Huan realized right away that the answer was unmistakably correct. Ah Jin’s problem solving method was extremely accurate and solved the difficult problem in a way that Ji Huan had never thought of before. There was also a formula that Ji Huan hadn’t learned before in the middle.

Besides that, Ji Huan was completely stunned by Ah Jin’s writing:

Clearly, he only used the simplest ballpoint pen, but Ah Jin’s writing was extremely graceful. At a glance… en! He was well-practiced in calligraphy!

“This is… really amazing.” Ji Huan could only praise him in this way.

“Not at all. Your teacher really is awful. You only learn this formula when you’re in university. If you don’t use this formula… the problem is completely unsolvable.” Ah Jin, however, only smiled easily.

“University?” Ji Huan heard this word and looked at Ah Jin with a rare curiosity.

Ah Jin continued to smile: “I am older than you…”

“Oh.” Nodding, Ji Huan didn’t question any further and only seriously asked Ah Jin to teach him how to use that formula. Then, he scribbled in the notebook while following the topic. When he was certain that he understood everything, he earnestly thanked Ah Jin.

“Don’t mention it.” Ah Jin only shook his head lightly. After a while, he stretched out a finger and gently tapped the notebook in Ji Huan’s hands: “But, I was just a little curious. This is…”

When he suddenly saw where Ah Jin’s finger was, Ji Huan suddenly blushed red!

Where the pale, slender finger was pointing: there was, impressively, a frog.

There was a frog right on his homework, and more than that, it was an immature style of drawing and looked as it it was a child’s simple drawing of a frog! The things that he had drawn while doing the problems without thinking had actually been seen by someone. Ji Huan had a rare red face and after a while, he answered quietly:

“That, that’s a frog…”

“Eh… Is it a frog? I had thought it was a crab.” Ah Jin, however, didn’t seem to notice Ji Huan’s embarrassment and instead took a closer look at the frog. He mumbled after a while: “Looking carefully at the limbs, it really is a frog. Did you draw it?”

Ah Jin looked up at Ji Huan with fixed, pitch-black eyes.

Ji Huan nodded in embarrassment.

“Mmn… Actually, your grasp of anatomy is very accurate.” Speaking pertinently, Ah Jin took the notebook with the picture of the frog from Ji Huan’s hands and pointed at another corner: “This is a gem?”

He was referring to a group of round things in the corner.

Ji Huan buried his head even lower: “That’s an egg…”

“Eh… And those…”

“Are milk cans.” His voice was even smaller.

Ah Jin’s fixed eyes measured Ji Huan again. After a while, Ji Huan heard Ah Jin say slowly: “The thoughts in the minds of young people nowadays, I really can’t guess them…”

Frogs + eggs + milk cans…

Ji Huan felt that the picture he had unintentionally drawn was very comprehensive… It was just a little hard to describe.

After a long time, he finally recovered and said quietly:

“This is what appears in my dreams.”

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hi guys! hope you enjoy this chapter. next one is starting to get to the meat of the plot for this arc. (*´ω`)o

TL  Notes

1 阿瑾: Quick explanation about Ah Jin’s name! You may know 阿/A/Ah from friendly nicknames in other novels (similar to 小/Xiao), but in this case, 阿 is a sort of place-holder surname for monosyllabic names in cases where (typically historically) someone doesn’t have a last name or they lose it because they become a servant to someone important and go by a one-character name. So, Ah Jin’s name is really just 瑾/Jin (precious gem), but it wouldn’t sound like a real name if you called him that, so he’s called 阿瑾/Ah Jin. 

2 AKA drinking hot water instead of tea.

3 白凤毫: As far as I can tell, this is either an incredibly obscure tea or doesn’t exist since I couldn’t find anything via Google老师. It’s literal translation is White Phoenix Hair, which is a bit similar to White Needle Hair, but that’s a white tea and Anhui (where Zhangxi is) is more well-known for its green teas? I obviously did too much research on this. 

Author Comments

“Putting out this week’s behind-on-your-debts-before-VIP chapter!
I’ve been finished with the VIP chapter since Thursday. The Day 3000 is coming.(=-=)(referring to writing log updates)
In the future, I hope I can continue to chat with everyone in the plot holes area! In the days to come, please continue to advise me!

Have you seen my 99th? —— Lead Actor Hei Dan in a horror blockbuster’s movie poster
by Yu Shixuan
99th drawing skill show

by “The Disappearing Goldfish – You Should Eat Meat Today” (i think this is supposed to be Ji Huan’s drawings, LOL)

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  1. Thank you so much for the update- poor Ji Huan! So busy, but what a good uncle and grandson!
    It was nice to read a quiet moment between the two as well. 🙂

    Also, does this mean that Ah Jin is a servant to someone important and doesn’t have a last name? Or for some reason just doesn’t have a last name? Or is it a later plot point? 😛

    Thank you again for all your hard work! 😀

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    1. ji huan works hard for his family. 😭 he’s a good boy. and all we know right now is that ah jin isn’t referred to by a last name! i just thought to include the servant thing bc people might be familiar with it in historical novels. 😊 it doesn’t even seem to be an issue though since ji huan doesn’t seem to think it’s weird… or that might just be ji huan LOL
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      EDIT: AH, i forgot to mention, 阿 can also be used if their original name is too long! so that may also be the case.

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  2. Aye, so happy to see the update the moment I turn on my phone.
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    1. ahh i’m so happy that you enjoyed it! 💖i hope you have/had a good day at work!! this was a really soft chapter and i love seeing ji huan + ah jin’s relationship develop. 😭

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