PotD 33

Chapter 33: Ah Jin Got a “Good Guy” Card
by Yue Xia Sang

The two cloudy eyes that hadn’t been able to see clearly for a long time looked in Ji Huan’s direction with no expression. Grandpa said that he would not eat the congee.

“Grandpa, why won’t you eat?” Ji Huan nonchalantly ate a spoonful of congee with his own blood.

“Won’t eat! Won’t eat! I just won’t eat.” Grandpa today had a recurrence of stubbornness and no matter how Ji Huan persuaded him, he wouldn’t eat. Finally, Ji Huan was also “angry” and stood up. He straightforwardly untied the bandage around his left wrist and passed it in front of Grandpa.

“If you won’t eat the congee, just eat this directly.”  The straight line of a cut had bloomed open on Ji Huan’s left wrist. It was very fresh and still hadn’t closed. Just as Ji Huan pulled the bandage off, a rainbow of blood dripped out.

Rich and fresh… the smell of blood.

Grandpa wanted to shrink away, but Ji Huan didn’t give him any chance to. Holding his wrist directly to the old man’s lips, Ji Huan stubbornly forced Grandpa to drink his blood.

“Tasty?” In the end, he actually did the same thing as he usually did when he made a new dish for Grandpa to taste and asked Grandpa if it was delicious or not.

“Xiao Hua… so delicious!” Grandpa cried out.

Ji Huan: …

All of this was observed by Hei Dan who was in Grandpa’s arms. He was a little bigger now and was startling to like imitating adults.

Hei Dan’s favorite person to imitate was his uncle.

So, Hei Dan also stretched out his small little claws and pulled on his Grandfather’s beard to make him lower his head. Grandpa couldn’t make any sense of his actions and had a difficult time figuring out what he meant. After those thin little claws tickled his mouth a few times, Grandpa completely burst into tears:

“Hei Dan is also delicious! Better than Uncle…”

Then, Hei Dan “xiu xiu” laughed.

After tidying up the dining table, Ji Huan lifted up his school bag and left for school. Grandpa sent him off to the door carrying Hei Dan, who was “very delicious.”

These were the two most important people in his life —— When he saw Hei Dan with a confused face as Grandpa held his little claws and waved them at him, Ji Huan told himself this. 

Then, he hurried over to the bus.

“Good morning!” The bus driver who was driving this morning was actually the one he had met the other day and thinking of his advice that night, Ji Huan took the initiative to greet him in a rare instance.

“Good morning.” The experienced driver, wearing a holey t-shirt, looked Ji Huan up and down. Seeing that he was in a pretty good mood, he opened his mouth and asked: “Did you get beat up that night?”

After that day, they hadn’t seen each other for several days due to their schedules being different.

“No, Grandpa wouldn’t beat me.” In a rare moment, Ji Huan had the appearance of a young man and said it a little proudly.

From childhood until now, Grandpa had never hit Ji Huan because “Xiao Huar is always very well-behaved!” On the contrary, his older sister Xiao Hei could tear the roof tiles off the house all day1, was willing to try anything naughty just to see, and had often suffered from Grandfather’s feather duster as a child. Xiao Hei who was called a boy’s nickname was even naughtier than the boys, and Ji Huan who was called by a girl’s nickname was as lovable as a girl’s doll, sticking to Grandpa every day and never going anywhere.

Grandpa loved Xiao Hua dearly!

“Mn, seems you two opened up and had a good talk. You’re family. As long as you speak properly, what can’t you get through?” The driver, who didn’t know the truth of the situation, spoke in a moving, old-fashioned way.

Ji Huan nodded, the corner of his mouth raising slightly: “Mmn, we are family, everything will pass by.”

After discovering Grandpa’s true identity, Ji Huan wasn’t afraid of drifting apart. Rather, he was more earnest about life.

Ah Jin had brought Zisun2 tea today. However, it wasn’t him but rather Ji Huan who was making the tea today. Having seen it a few times before, Ji Huan more or less knew how to make tea.

And while Ji Huan was making tea, Ah Jin was holding a homework book in his hands. It was Ji Huan’s homework book. Nowadays, when Ji Huan occasionally had problems that were difficult to solve on his own, he would ask Ah Jin for help.

But he wasn’t asking for help for nothing. He would give Ah Jin some gifts from the outside. Naturally, it was important to give gifts that suited someone, but so far, he only knew “drinking tea” in regards to what Ah Jin liked. But good tea was something that you had to buy, and he didn’t think he could get better tea than those that Ah Jin brought. So, he could only take a different approach.

At Wang Xiaochuan’s suggestion, Ji Huan started giving Ah Jin CDs.

They were all CDs of popular artists. According to what Wang Xiaochuan said, most people liked to listen to music. Although he wouldn’t necessarily like listening to whoever’s music, he could always give him more and inevitably, there would be one he liked.

Ji Huan approved of Wang Xiaochuan’s words. Also, even if he didn’t care about popular things himself, even he had singers that he liked. For example, Song Zuying. Her music was really good!

Wang Xiaochuan: Hey… That was a popular singer decades ago.

As a result, Ah Jin received CDs from Ji Huan one after another. However, he didn’t sen CDs every time, he would also send other things. They weren’t expensive, but they were all things that were popular with young people today. Considering Ah Jin’s identity as a “suspected university graduate,” he also talked with Wang Xiaochuan about what university graduates liked. So, what Ah Jin received was even more varied.

Ah Jin even received a photo collection of beautiful women.

Cough, cough!

Not showing even a little bit of distaste, he kindly accepted it all.

“I feel… you’ve been very enthusiastic lately.” Drinking Ji Huan’s tea, Ah Jin casually finished writing down the problem solving steps in his homework book and handed it back to Ji Huan.

“Mmn, you’ve seen through me?” The youth’s shiny black eyes swept over his face, then went to look down at the homework book.

Rare, it was very rare.

When sitting in front of someone, people didn’t look at you. Their attention was completely focused on other things.

While drinking tea, Ah Jin watched Ji Huan, who was studying the problem solving steps.

When his eyes carelessly looked down and saw the bandages wrapped around his wrist, he didn’t say anything.

“I, I plan to take the exam for Jinghua University. I have to pass it.” After examining the problem solving steps carefully, Ji Huan suddenly said this when he raised his head again.

“I want to make Grandpa happy. Grandpa always wanted me to take the exam for that school, that’s his greatest wish.” The corner of his mouth stiffly turned up. Ji Huan then realized that the tea in Ah Jin’s cup was gone and hastily replenished his cup of tea.

Looking at the teenager seriously pouring him tea, the corners of Ah Jin’s mouth curved into a smile.

Interesting. Truly interesting ——

Really, he hadn’t come across such an interesting human in a long time!

He was raised by a Callas and now he had adopted a low-level, newborn devil. He made the “wrong” decision without knowing anything about devils. After he “couldn’t help” revealing the identities of devils, he thought he wouldn’t see the teenager the next day. Who would have thought that he would come over as usual!

Not only that, this human child even thought that asking about the diet preferences of a Callas wasn’t conspicuous. After finding out that the flesh of a common animal wouldn’t meet their needs, he even personally bled to feed the starving Callas!

The smile on the corners of his mouth unchanging, Ah Jin said warmly: “Your Grandpa’s greatest wish is that you take the entrance exam for Jinghua University?”

A Callas’ greatest wish was for a human to take a university exam?

What kind of joke was that?

A Callas’ greatest wish wasn’t for famine, calamities and wars?

For a Callas, the best time of their life was a time of satisfying their appetite as much as they’d like.

Who would have guessed that Ji Huan would also smile: “Mmn, my Grandpa wanted my big sister to take it first, but my big sister didn’t study well and couldn’t pass the exam. Now there’s only me who can take the exam. When I’m admitted into Jinghua University, I’m going to Jing City with Grandpa.”

There were hot springs near Jing City and when the time comes, he’ll rent an apartment with a hot spring. He’ll go to school during the day and work at night. The whole family will continue to live together. He heard that university work was much more relaxed than high school. At that time, life would only be more suitable. Before, he was afraid of spending money, afraid of leaving home. He wanted to do poorly.3

“Ah Jin, I’m very happy to have met you. During this time… I’ve learned a lot of things from you. If… If I’m really admitted into Jinghua University, do you want to come over to my house to play?” He lowered his head for an amount of time and when he looked up again, Ji Huan’s face was suddenly a little shy.

This was the first time in his life that he invited someone over to his house.

He was already determined to take the exam and if he passed the exam, he wanted to invite Ah Jin and Wang Xiaochuan to play at his house and casually let Grandpa see his friends. Even though it hadn’t been long since he’d known them, Ji Huan was sincerely grateful for these two friends.

Wang Xiaochuan had given a great amount of help with the problems in raising Hei Dan. Apart from that, he was a very frank and open person. If he was very afraid to see Hei Dan… he would explain to him that if he really couldn’t accept him, he would leave with Grandpa and Hei Dan, and never come back.

And Ah Jin. Even though he didn’t know what Ah Jin’s family was like, he had given him a lot of help with his schoolwork. As for whether or not he would be afraid if he saw Hei Dan and Grandpa… Ji Huan didn’t think that was possible.

Ah Jin must know something. He mentioned a demon like a Callas a few days ago… He did it deliberately, didn’t he?

Yes, Ji Huan pondered over it a little bit afterwards and felt that Ah Jin’s words that day weren’t said without thought. He must have discovered signs of life for a demon like a Callas. Did he specially warn him?

Black eyes looking at Ah Jin openly, Ji Huan finally said what he had always wanted to say:

“Ah Jin, thank you. You are truly a gentle and good person.”

So, after receiving a CD, a comic book and an idol photobook, Ah Jin also received a good guy card4 from Ji Huan.

A gentle… good person?

Ji Huan’s words echoed over and over in his mind. For the first time, Ji Huan was the first of the two to leave. Not long after he said those words, Ji Huan’s work time was over. The rule there was that they had to leave right after work. He couldn’t stay long. After reminding Ah Jin to pay attention to his work hours, Ji Huan hurriedly said something in farewell.

Ah Jin was the only person left and continued to sit in the quiet, uninhabited cooridor. After a long time, he actually smiled.

A smile that wasn’t gentle or like a good person’s at all.

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you’ve probably already gotten the feeling, but things are about to get uhhh less fluffy. i’m gonna try to start releasing two chapters a weekend since we’re so close to catching up to the old translation (13 chapters away!!) so keep an eye out for another release tomorrow.

every time they mention xiao hei, i love her a little bit more and it just makes me wish she was here. (:3 」∠)

TL Notes

1 成天上房揭瓦: in reference to an idiom/story about a mother of two sons who couldn’t beat her sons for three days and they ended up taking the tiles off the roof of their house. i.e. you have to punish naughty kids to keep them in check. presumably, xiao hei was much worse!!

2 紫笋茶: lit. purple bamboo shoot tea. it’s actually a green tea, but the buds are a dark green-purple and look a lot like bamboo shoots, hence the name. it’s fairly pricey, 50g (~25 cups of tea) is 150 yuan or $21 USD. in comparison, a run-of-the-mill loose green tea is a little less than half that. 

3 if it isn’t clear (it certainly wasn’t for me) he means that he wanted to do poorly on the exam.

4 好人卡: lit. “good person card”, it’s usually used like in the phrase “you’re a good person, but…” when a guy confesses to a girl and she’s politely rejecting him. in this context though, ji huan really just means it as a compliment LOL. 

Author Comments

“I’ve discovered that I’m more accustomed to writing at night.
I only choked out a few hundred characters and I wrote them after dark.
Sharing a picture: Grandpa and Hei Dan, I love this feeling! Thanks!

by Yael_Yao”

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  1. Yikes, that ending…! Hope everything will be okay…! And maybe we’ll find it more about Ah Jin?

    Ji Huan is so sweet, I’m glad he’s decided to take care of his grandfather- the future looks bright! :p Also- a little lol-big at his music tastes, haha.
    Hei Dan is adorable as usual!

    Agreed- Xiao Hei seems like such an interesting person! Hopefully the story will tell us more about her, even though she’s no longer here.

    Thank you for the chapter! 😀


    1. what really got me is that ji huan was sending the equivalence of a mix tape to ah jin almost every day LOL he’s so old fashioned i love it!!
      ah yeah i’m hoping we’ll hear a lot more about her 😭 maybe her boyfriend too? i want to know more about them so much


  2. It’s seems Ah jin like to make mischief, but not malicious.. Just that’s he was taking interest in human that’s raised by devil and will take action as devil than interests in human

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. i agree!!! i don’t think he’s malicious, but i also don’t know if he would really mind the consequences of his actions if his mischief got people in trouble… 🤔 ah jin’s a complicated character


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