PotD 34

Chapter 34: Missing
by 月下桑

“It’s that person?”

“Which one?”

“Tall and thin, slender eyes. The one who is walking out in white clothes.”

“Him! It’s him! The boy that Shuzu has recently been talking to, it’s that person!”

Shuzu talks to him constantly! Constantly! Constantly!”

“Have you checked in to his past?”

“I’ve checked. He…”

Within the massive garden, there were lush trees everywhere, and these trees were the best barrier between the outside world. Ji Huan had been working there part-time for a while, but it was rare to see even a few people. However, he knew that someone was there. While he worked in the garden, he often felt like he was being watched, but whenever he had the feeling and turned around to look, there was nothing.

Autumn was coming. When the scent of trees blew through, the rustling of leaves in the distance sounded just like whispers.

He had no awareness of this, Ji Huan just wanted to hurry home.

While walking, Ji Huan planned his schedule: he had to start striving harder to study now and get admitted to a good school. He could stop working his part-time job for the time being and get his wages for this month. He would have to tell Wang Mingqing that he wasn’t working, and he had to speak to Ah Jin…

His thinking was very simple.

However, the next day when he went to school like always and went to his second lesson —— Ji Huan clearly remembered that it was a language class. The teacher on the podium’s voice was too hypnotic and Ji Huan held his cheek in his palm sleepily.

Then, he probably accidentally fell asleep. In the dream, he saw Hei Dan. Hei Dan, wearing a pair of green underpants, was holding a baby bottle and drinking perfectly contentedly. Grandpa with horns was leaning on the bed. His mouth was open and there was a drop of saliva in the corner of his mouth. He seemed to have fallen asleep.

This dream was a little strange —— Ji Huan thought.

After thinking about it for a moment, he realized how it was strange: he usually rarely dreamed. Naturally, it was said that people couldn’t not dream, they just didn’t dream because they forgot. In short, Ji Huan hardly remembered his dreams before he started sharing dreams with Hei Dan. However, when he shared dreams with Hei Dan, he became Hei Dan completely in his dreams. He would sense Hei Dan’s feelings and share Hei Dan’s vision and hearing.

But this time was different.

Ji Huan could see Hei Dan and could also see Grandpa. It wasn’t as Hei Dan, but rather from his own perspective.

Ji Huan saw Hei Dan take a sip of milk, look at Grandpa, and then take another sip of milk.

Hei Dan was probably tired after a while. He rolled his bottle next to Grandpa’s thigh, his little body also rolling over, and drank his neinei laying on his stomach. Seeing this kind of Hei Dan, Ji Huan smiled. Then, Hei Dan’s white-ring eyes seemed like they had spotted him and seriously stared in his direction. After a while, he stretched out his little claws.

Ji Huan smiled again and wanted to pick Hei Dan up. Then, he saw Hei Dan’s little claws suddenly pull away. The white-ring eyes were suddenly filled with fear and his little red mouth opened. Ji Huan heard Hei Dan let out an ear-piercing cry.

It was completely different from the crying he heard so often before. This was a kind of sound that could shatter Ji Huan’s eardrums!

At the same time, Ji Huan heard an enormous roar from behind him and he suddenly turned around! Seeing the terrible monster behind him, Ji Huan was stunned ——

“Grandpa!” Ji Huan yelled as he woke up from his dream.

“Ji Huan, what are you doing yelling in the classroom!” With pursed brows, the language arts teacher was looking at him unhappily. His attitude towards Ji  Huan was different from the other teachers. As long as Ji Huan had good grades on his exams, the other teachers turned a blind eye towards what he did in class. However, the naturally stubborn language teacher didn’t think this at all. Ji Huan’s grades in language arts were very good, but that didn’t mean that he would show Ji Huan favor.

He suddenly looked in the direction of his home and didn’t respond to the teacher’s question. The next action Ji Huan took was one that no one would have thought of:

Pushing away his desk, he actually ran away!

The textbook in the language arts teacher’s hand fell to the ground on the spot. Walking out of the classroom with long steps, he actually chased after Ji Huan! Seeing that things must be bad, Wang Xiaochuan immediately followed the two people running out. In the end, the students remaining in the classroom either wanted to go watch the exciting scene or try to find another teacher… In short, all of the students in the class had all run out of the classroom within a minute.

Afterwards, they became the only class in which all the teachers and students survived.

Just three minutes after they all ran out of the school building, just as the language arts teacher finally grabbed Ji Huan’s collar, at just the moment when Wang Xiaochuan hurriedly grabbed the language art teacher’s shirt ——

The school building behind them suddenly split open into a wide gap, and the school building had been split from the middle. Accompanied by the screams of the frightened students in the building, a terrible disaster had occurred.


Bade Town was a small place. Even though there were hot springs and rumors of volcanoes underground, the place had been still and quiet for hundreds of years. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions… didn’t happen at all. Because it never occurred, the level of shock-proofing in most building wasn’t high, to the point that if a disaster did occur, the aftermath would be very serious.

Fortunately, the magnitude of the earthquake wasn’t high. It was said that the true issue was that in a certain mountainous area of Bade, a mountain had completely collapsed. Not the side that was packed with populated sanatoriums, but rather the end where the footprints of man were rare. For most people of Bade Town, the target of this misfortune was very fortunate.

But for Ji Huan ——

“Ji Huan…” Wang Xiaochuan looked at him anxiously.

The area of the mountains with the strongest tremors and the most severe damage was the place where Ji Huan lived.

They were now in the school gymnasium. It was a new gymnasium, strong and open. It was announced to be the safest place in town on the newscast. The students were asked to stay there, and many ordinary town residents were also arranged to stay there.

The entire class’ eyes inadvertently fell on Ji Huan. Many people were still scared and doubtful, but everyone understood this: if it hadn’t been for Ji Huan suddenly running out and everyone following, perhaps…

When the earthquake happened, all of the students were in their classrooms. There were a great many of people in every classroom, and the exits were narrow and small. Many people didn’t make it out, and many died in the earthquake, either dying from the earthquake itself or from being trampled on.

As the focus of their line of sight, Ji Huan didn’t have an explanation at all. He only swept his eyes over and over again into the crowd of people entering and leaving the gymnasium. When he finally saw a group of people wearing search-and-rescue uniforms, he couldn’t help it anymore. He jumped over the protective line and rushed over to the people.

“Hello, I asked you before. please, have you found my grandfather and… and there’s also a one-year-old baby.” As soon as the earthquake happened, Ji Huan impatiently wanted to return home, but the language arts teacher and other rescue staff stopped him together. In order to placate him, they said that they would notify him as soon as they had any news from his family.

The search-and-rescue team in front of him now were the ones who had promised him in the beginning.

“N, no.” Looking at the pale-faced teenager, the head of the search-and-rescue crew couldn’t bear it, but he still told him the results of his inquiries: “The situation is too severe there, it isn’t at the level that our search-and-rescue team can get in. Another team of five was sent to search.”

After thinking about it over and over again, he still had to say the words “severe situation.” Although in general circumstances they would appease the victims with gentle words, the teenager in front of him…

Even though he was young, this was a strong child. He wanted to hear the truth more than placating lies.

He could bear it.

For some reason, this veteran search-and-rescue member who had done search-and-rescue for thirty years thought this after seeing the teenager in front of him for just a moment.

“However, no news is good news. Take care of yourself first, I’ll keep you in mind. One there’s any information, I’ll come find you right away, so don’t run all over the place.” After clapping the teenager on the shoulder, the search-and-rescue personnel left with his team members.

Ji Huan stood where he was blankly. After a long time, Wang Xiaochuan came to stand behind him and gently dragged him to the corner to rest.

After knowing Ji Huan for so long, it was the first time Wang Xiaochuan had seen Ji Huan like this. He thought that Ji Huan wouldn’t want to eat or drink for a while, and he was ready to persuade him if so, but Ji Huan ate all the rationed food he handed over. Then, he held his knees and fell into a heavy sleep in the corner.

Hei Dan, Hei Dan, where are you and Grandfather? Come here to Uncle soon…

Ji Huan wanted to enter Hei Dan’s dream and find them by dream through Hei Dan. However, he was destined to be disappointed.

Hei Dan hadn’t been asleep for a long time.

Under Grandpa’s body, Hei Dan didn’t dare to say a word or cry.

Grandpa was on top of him and his breathing was weak.

After a while, Hei Dan was a little hungry.

Hei Dan quietly sucked on the nipple of his bottle, but the bottle was completely empty. There wasn’t any milk left. There had originally been over half of the bottle left. Because of Hei Dan habitually sucking on the nipple when he was scared, every drop of milk was now gone.

His mouth biting on the nipple, Hei Dan opened a pair of white-ring eyes. Hiding with Grandpa in the shadows, Hei Dan quietly watched everything that was happening before him without interest.

Several huge monsters were roaring and there were many people standing near them. Those people were divided into many groups and each group surrounded a monster, dragging the monster into a prepared cage. One of the monsters was especially large. Every time it struggled, the surroundings moved as if the earth was quaking and the mountains were shaking.

Hei Dan instinctively said nothing.

He was naturally very quiet. If Ji Huan and Grandpa hadn’t taken the initiative to take to him, he would have always been that quiet.

When Hei Dan wouldn’t make noise, his sense of existence would become very weak and it was very hard to find him without looking carefully.

It wasn’t certain if it was the self-defense instinct of a newborn devil.

However, his self-defensive ability wasn’t strong enough. Among the people who were cleaning up after the giant devil outside, a man suddenly looked back and gazed attentively into the shadows where Hei Dan and Grandpa were hiding. His hand suddenly pointed over:

“There’s also an A-class devil here. Grab it.”

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“I hope that the earthquake disaster can be far from everyone.

Hei Dan hiding in the dark
by Yu Shixuan”

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