PotD 37

Chapter 37: Shuzu
by 月下桑

The only people who heard Ji Huan talking in his sleep were Wang Xiaochuan and a staff member who was in charge of watching the door.

The staff member poked his head in out of the doorway, then pulled back.

When the the team leader tried to find Ji Huan to speak before, the conversation between them was inevitably heard by others even though he deliberately looked for a place with few people. Then, it passed on to some extent. Many people thought almost exactly like the team leader’s colleagues and they all thought that Ji Huan had a problem with his mind.

For that reason, Wang Xiaochuan discreetly fought with several people who were secretly discussing the matter and even threw a few punches. Cough —— he missed all of them. In the end, Ji Huan suddenly appeared and beat up all the people around Wang Xiaochuan until they were all on the ground. As a bad group who were making trouble even during the disaster, both of them were thrown into a secluded place alone and strictly watched. 

But thanks to this blessing, they were both actually able to enjoy a small, quiet peace of heaven in an otherwise messy and chaotic disaster shelter.

Ji Huan was very serious at that time. Some of them hadn’t even received a single injury after the earthquake, and as a result, Ji Huan had beaten them until their bones snapped within a protected area.

It was the first time Wang Xiaochuan had seen Ji Huan like that.

Very calmly, Ji Huan’s fist slammed into their body and Wang Xiaochuan distinctly heard the sound of something breaking. Blood and clear saliva flew out of the other person’s mouth. Wang Xiaochuan who was seeing this kind of scene for the first time was stunned and he suspected that his heart stopped beating for that split second. Then, after a moment, the “thump, thump thump, thump thump thump…” started up again in a rhythm.

It was like everything was in slow motion, but Ji Huan was very calmly. There wasn’t even an expression on his face.

At that moment, Ji Huan’s body was filled with a cruel air. Even the air around him had become abnormally sharp, as if it would cut you if you touched it.

Wang Xiaochuan was frozen.

It was only until Ji Huan had taken out the last person and touched the blood at the corner of his mouth that he reached out to him.

Wang Xiaochuan realized that he had unconsciously sat down on the floor without noticing.

Ji Huan didn’t say anything after the fight and Wang Xiaochuan couldn’t guess his thoughts when he was expressionless. It wasn’t until Ji Huan woke up from his dream that he realized: Ji Huan didn’t care about what other people said, his heart was only on the whereabouts of Hei Dan and Grandpa.

Right, Ji Huan simply wasn’t rattled by those people’s words. As his best friend (← self-claimed), Wang Xiaochuan was ashamed by his own split-second hesitance before. 

How could Hei Dan not exist? Hei Dan’s vaccinations since birth were provided by him! He also bought Hei Dan powdered milk! And a frog doll~ In a sense, Hei Dan was like his own big kid!

Even if he’d never seen him, what about it? Ji Huan was absolutely not a person who was weak to the point of leaning on figments of his own imagination to live. If he said so, Hei Dan definitely existed!

Since Hei Dan and Grandpa both existed, the issue that he and Ji Huan needed to focus on now was where they both were. There were two people missing after the earthquake, but the search-and-rescue team that was investigating said they didn’t exist. In that case, they wouldn’t loom for them? How could that be! How could they do that to an elder and youngster…

After quickly changing to Ji Huan’s way of thinking, Wang Xiaochuan was unable to find a solution: even if they were out of the the gymnasium now, they couldn’t leave! It wasn’t easy to leave before when they were living on the gym’s wooden floor with the others, and besides, they were now alone and confined, ahhhhhh! They could only blame themselves, why did they argue with them?

For a time, the only thing that could be heard in the tiny solitary confinement room was the sound of their breathing.

One very disordered, the other very steady.

Just as Wang Xiaochuan was at his wit’s end, Ji Huan suddenly spoke from across him:

“Xiaochuan, in twenty minutes, I’m going to sneak out.

“Ah?” Wang Xiaochuan froze. Lifting up his head, he looked at Ji Huan.

With both hands on his blanket, Ji Huan looked at him, his eyes calm: “The gymnasium’s solitary confinement room is built next to a window. Now that the victims are basically all protected, it’s unlikely that people will be running around outside. The other three walls of the solitary confinement room are thin sheets that can block the view of outsiders. Although the window is a little high up, it can be climbed through. There are a total of twenty staff members in charge of guarding the gym’s perimeter. Every three hours, the outdoor guards will meet the indoor ones. At that time, they’ll withdraw inside…”

Following Ji Huan’s words, Wang Xiaochuan foolishly looked around at the environment he was in, then realized: ah! It’s true…

“Thanks to you, I thought of how to get in here.” Ji Huan’s voice was as undisturbed as always. After listening to him, Wang Xiaochuan was a little stunned.

“… Meaning… you planned to get into a fight to get in here!” T, this… was acute foresight!? Just when he couldn’t figure out what to do himself, Ji Huan had already started to monitor his surroundings. Not just that, he even recorded the schedule of the guards’ shift changes!?

“No, I suddenly thought of it when I saw them hit you.” Ji Huan shook his head.

Wang Xiaochuan was completely dumbfounded.

He looked at the watch on Ji Huan’s wrist nervously. When the minute hand ticked to the sixteenth hour, he pretended to ignore the doorway and confirmed the guards weren’t there. Then, turning his head, his eyes bumped into Ji Huan’s.

They quickly acted in accordance with the steps from their previous conversation.

The window was in a high position with smooth walls without anything to climb on and no furnishings around it to borrow. Wang Xiaochuan served as Ji Huan’s stepladder. He wasn’t at all as strong as the boys the same age as him, but fortunately, Ji Huan’s weight was within a safe limit. After taking Ji Huan up, Wang Xiaochuan had no way or time to climb up.

After opening the window and glancing around, Ji huan turned to look at Wang Xiaochuan before he prepared to jump down.

Wang Xiaochuan looked at him with glistening eyes:

“You have to find Hei Dan and Grandpa!” Wang Xiaochuan whispered.

The black-haired, black-eyed teenager crouched at the edge of the window and faintly smiled at him. Wind through the window slightly blew his hair, and the always cold teenager looked much softer…

That scene of Ji Huan was frozen in Wang Xiaochuan’s memory.

Without thinking about how to answer to the guards who would come later, without thinking about if he would get a scolding, Wang Xiaochuan didn’t think about anything. He only thought:

This time, Ji Huan would really find Hei Dan and Grandpa, right?

Looking at the empty window, Wang Xiaochuan was foolishly happy.

Seeing no one, Ji Huan ran, sticking close to the foot of the wall, and carefully evaded the patrolling staff members. Jumping over the railing of the outer wall, he landed outside of the protected area.

Getting out of the protected area was only the first step. Where to go next, how to find Hei Dan and Grandfather… that was the more challenging problem.

Ji Huan decided to go to the mountains first.

However, the road was doomed to be unusable: as the most severely “disaster-stricken” area as stated in the news, the mountain where Ji Huan’s house was had been completely blocked off.

There was only one road to the mountain. Ji Huan tried climbing up from a place next to the mountain, but after climbing for a short time, he discovered striking, fluorescent barricade tape as well at the guards responsible for watching it.

Ji Huan rushed back before he was discovered, but in just a few steps down the path, he found something unusual: he found claw marks.

Not the claw marks of the small beasts in the mountains. The marks were very large, so large that in the beginning, Ji Huan didn’t realize they were claw marks.

In addition to this, Ji Huan also found black dust on the bottom of his shoes.

He suddenly thought of what he had been dreaming of before the earthquake. Remembering the monster pouncing on Hei Dan and Grandpa, a word instantly appeared in Ji Huan’s mind:


With the stone of the mountain behind him, Ji Huan’s footsteps stopped.

It might have been fine if it was just a simple earthquake. Even though Grandpa’s eyes weren’t good, he was still a… devil. Protecting himself and Hei Dan during an earthquake shouldn’t have been a problem for Grandpa. But, if the disaster hadn’t been a simple earthquake at all and, instead, been a devil who caused an accident and it was declared an earthquake…

Everything pointed to disaster for Hei Dan and Grandpa!

Grandpa was a devil who fed on the flesh and blood of humans and other devils. With this preconceived notion in his head, Ji Huan’s mind was in chaos.

No, it couldn’t be chaos. Think carefully. Everything in front of him wasn’t completely without clues. If he looked carefully, he could certainly find a useful clue.

Forcing himself to calm down, Ji Huan withdrew back a distance. Hiding in the shadow of the mountain’s stone, he observed the other side calmly.

As expected, a slight clue appeared before him…

Ji Huan noticed that there was a helicopter in the sky that would come around every so often. The airplane had also passed over the protected area before. Everything had said that it was a helicopter used to drop off food, but through Ji Huan’s careful observations: the helicopter shouldn’t be being used for drop-offs, but for transport.

What was it transporting?

Looking at the helicopter flying over his head, Ji Huan ran in the direction that the plane was flying.

At that time, where the helicopter had landed, hidden under the jade cover of the forest, in the well-conditioned garden, within one of the ornate houses that burned incense all year round ——

The man who had been asleep on the bed suddenly opened his eyes:

“I… seemed to have heard a baby crying…”

“Ah? I, I didn’t hear any crying?” The person in front of the bed listened carefully before shaking his head.

The man on the bed didn’t say anything further. After a while, he closed his eyes again and seemed to be falling asleep again.

Seeing that he was going to fall asleep again, the person by his bedside quickly said in a low voice: “That… your dinner is here. Would you like to have something before you rest?”

“Also… the Wang Family… the Wang Family were the ones who caught it.”


The man on the bed didn’t say anything. His eyes were closed, as if he was sleeping yet as if he wasn’t asleep.

When the person in front of the bed was preparing to withdraw, he suddenly spoke:

“Apart from the thing that the Wang Family caught, what other things have you people caught?”

It was summer, but his body was covered in thick silk quilts. With his voice, his hand came out from inside and firmly pointed towards the southeast corner.

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i meant to post this yesterday but i got busy with end of the week school work, sorry! just as a reminder, i’ve changed “grand uncle” to the pinyin “shuzu” in case anyone missed that note and are confused.

i know everyone’s worried, but stay strong! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)

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Author Comments

“Cough, I wanted to change the area and gave a preview
Possibly… not exactly the same as everyone thought…
PS I’m airsick today.
orz Myself who has never been too dizzy was actually airsick!
When going, the person next to me said: Vomit out what’s in your stomach.
My inner thoughts: In my stomach is noodles… I had already vomited.

3 thoughts on “PotD 37”

  1. That last sentence with Wang Xiaochaun has a sliiiiight ominous feeling attached to it- but hopefully it’s nothing terrible!

    Glad to see Ji Huan is out now! As for the baby crying… could it be Hei Dan?! If so, I wonder how he got there? And if he’s there, where’s Grandpa?

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! Thank you so much for the chapter! 🙂

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  2. I could tell Ji Huan is not really just an ordinary human. Even Wang XiaoChuan could feel that powerful aura when he saw him fought. I mean his strength as an almost skinny highschool is really unusual. Does this means his actually half-devil himself? Pretty much like Hei Dan??? Hmmmmmmm….. Maybe it was just me. Nvm.

    Just as I thought. This said earthquake particularly was really targeting the the top of Bade Mountain. They know– whoever have done it, maybe it was the Wang family–that a devil or devils rather was residing on that mountain so they did that “earthquake” like thing on the mountain. Really really terrible. *shakes head*

    I hope Ji Huan find Grandpa and Hei Dan soon. (And if Shuzu, which is probably Ah Jin, could pinpoint where Hei Dan is, I hope he could help them at least until Ji Huan find them.)

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