PotD 39

Chapter 39: Capture
by Yue Xia Sang

Something rolled to the man’s feet with a clatter and knockeed into his toes before stopping.

It was… an egg.

A dirty white egg with a small claw print on it, which looked about the size of… The man’s eyes moved back to the little devil hiding under the ash-gray devil’s neck.

The dirty little devil looked at him with fixed eyes.

The corner of his mouth bent slightly. The man was actually smiling.

Seeing his smile, the little devil was even more alert.

The man slowly bent down, extended his index finger and lightly pushed the egg.

The egg rolled over a couple times, and then it happened to stop just between the man and the ash-gray devil.

The little devil stared at him with fixed eyes.

After looking at the little devil again, his eyes paused on its right wrist. The man then turned around and left.

Watching the man leave step by step, the little devil’s eyes didn’t blink once.

As the man’s figure left through the entrance, the little devil suddenly moved again: climbing quickly out of the ash-gray devil’s arms, the little devil snatched the white egg back into his claws in a flash and climbed back into the ash-gray devil’s embrace. It touched the egg in its claws to the ash-gray devil’s mouth before licking it itself. The egg that had been dirty before was even more filthy, but the little devil didn’t care at all. Very carefully, it grasped the egg in its claws and leaned its small body against the ash-gray devil’s shoulders. Two small, slender legs were put up on the the other’s arms and it adjusted into a comfortable position in the pale devil’s arms. Then, it started to stare seriously at the white egg in its claws as if it was its entire world.

With this in his gaze, the man actually left.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have ever believed that there was actually a devil in this world that liked to eat eggs!

That’s right, not only did it eat eggs, but it also drank powdered milk and ate biscuits.

Thinking of it, he suddenly thought of a certain youth that hadn’t appeared in a few days.

It was clear that he was an ordinary human, but he was living together with two devils.

Obviously, he led an inconceivable life living with two devils, but the youth single-mindedly lived the days of an ordinary person. Studying, preparing for exams, and working every day…

Should he say he was naive? Or believing in his own lies.

Humans and devils were, in the end, different.

He thought of some past events.

The man walked slowly and along the way, many of the surviving devils had woken up.

The first thing the devils did after they woke up wasn’t to escape, but to gnaw at the similar bodies around them.

When the man passed by, the devils seemed to feel it and trembled. Then, after the man passed by them, they tore at their comrades’ bodies even more violently.

That teenager was nothing special. The two devils around him hadn’t lived the life of ordinary devils for a long time. One was raised wrongly from birth and had just temporarily masked its instincts.

However, instincts were instincts. How could they be forgotten?

Seeing a devil on the roadside that was a bit bigger and a bit braver daring to look at him like a tiger eyeing prey, the corner of his mouth bent into a slightly cold smile. The man extended his fingers, pinched them softly, and the monster that had been in the hallway scattered into ashes and dispersed into smoke!

This sudden rebellion was quickly suppressed.

A great number of people had wordlessly established a presence in the building, and the people who had fallen beside the path were carried away one by one. The people, wearing the same uniform, immediately filled in the gaps and took over the daily operations of the building.

The first thing they needed to do was to inventory the remaining devils there.

The temporary rearing area was now filled with the black ash of dead devils. All of the people had put on thick, protective clothing.

While counting, they were trembling with fear on the inside.

“The more devils gathered together, the more devils that I haven’t seen before.” A person walking at the back whispered to his companion beside him.

While talking, he looked around vigilantly and he had a tong-like tool in his hand. Occasionally, he would quickly poke around with the tool and the front of the tongs would instantly separate into a circular ring-like locking piece. A black devil was trapped in the tongs.

As it turns out, it was actually a devil collector.

Holding the devil close to his eyes with the collector, the man frowned under his mask: “What is this devil?”

His words weren’t bad. It was a flat devil that looked like a caterpillar. However, its body was similar to that of a Labrador retriever. In addition to this, protruding from the devil’s body wasn’t a whisker, but rather a single tentacle!

“Disgusting.” Scrunching his brows, he quickly threw the devil into the cage that was being dragged behind them.

“It looks like a hybrid. The Wang Family group likes to do that kind of thing. They can’t catch all these things, they even breed new devils themselves.” The man’s coworker finally responded to him, and the voice was actually a woman’s.

She had also caught a devil, but this time, it was a plate-like devil.

“The devils raised in this area should be the so-called fodder, the kind that are prepared for the higher level devils to eat. Their intelligence is very low, and they can’t think. They’re just living pieces of meat.” The woman’s voice was a little cold.

The team leader glanced back at them, and neither of them said another word. They closely followed after the others and worked properly.

But it wasn’t long after that that the man yelled again and this time, it wasn’t just the team leader. Everyone in front of him looked back at him: he was too loud.

“Look at what I caught? A diaper!” His voice was brimming with amazement.

Several people “tch’d” on the spot and looked away, but the female coworker in front of him endured the urge to turn away and looked at the tongs in his hands.

It really was a diaper, and it was dirty.

But, the main point wasn’t the diaper? Looking at it carefully, the woman was more surprised and she couldn’t help but say: “No… this isn’t just a diaper. This, this is on… someone?”

“No! That’s not right! A devil!”

A devil wearing a diaper.

As if she was looking at the most unimaginable thing in her life, she couldn’t help but raise her voice.

This time, their coworkers that had turned away before couldn’t help surrounding them one after the other.

The little devil wearing a diaper was revealed to everyone’s eyes.

It looked like black fog. This wasn’t surprising, most devils looked like black fog as newborns. Rather than say it was their body, it was better to say that they were born in this world in the shape of energy. It was probably an inherent instinct, devils liked to hide in the darkness. Even when they grew up, devils still liked dark environments.

The little devil in front of them was no exception. However, unlike its other comrades, it was wearing a diaper worn by human babies. Looking carefully, there was even tiny green print on it with a matching logo. This scene was extremely surreal.

Being surrounded by so many people for the first time, the little devil was very scared. It shrank back, but the uncontrollably curious humans grabbed its hands and feet.

“Not just the diaper, there’s bracelets on its legs.” The man holdings its lower leg said deeply: “It’s from the Sixijin Shop.”

“On its wrist, too.” Another man holding its claws reported his findings as well: ‘There are two more characters on it. Let me see…”

“Hei Dan. The two characters on the gold bracelet are Hei Dan.” He read it out: “Hei Dan? What the hell is that!”

He repeated it once more.

As a result, the little devil that couldn’t move an inch because of them suddenly cried out.

It wasn’t the infrasonic or ultrasonic kind of devil sound that couldn’t be heard by humans, but rather a very quiet, soft sound.

Jiu! Jiujiu1!” Striving very hard, it cried out a few times.

“What’s it saying?” The man holding it knitted his eyebrows.

“I can’t understand, who knows what it’s hollering about? But it can make sounds that humans can hear. This devil is a little interesting.” He was saying that it was interesting, but he clearly wasn’t too interested in the devil. When he finished speaking, he moved away the hand holding the devil’s little claws.

However, his finger was grabbed by the little devil’s small claws.

Jiu!” The little devil called again.

As if the sound had used up all of its strength, its voice was already hoarse.

Grasping the man’s little finger with small claws, he stared at the man with fixed, white-ring eyes.

This man looked very similar to his uncle to him.

Then ——

The little claws were ruthlessly shaken off.

“Throw it in the cage. We still have a lot of work that needs to be done, there’s no time to delay.” The team leader told everyone in a deep voice.

So, the others scattered and walked away. The man who was furthest in line let out an “oh” and went to through the little strange devil into the cage behind him.

However, something strange happened again.

“Chen Sheng, why are you still not following?” In front of him, his female coworker had already walked ten meters away and after realizing that he wasn’t keeping pace, she turned and shouted.

“It’s weird. I, I can’t carry it.” The man called Chen Sheng said loudly.

“How much can a little devil weigh? Look and see if it’s stuck to something on the floor.” His female coworker urged him.

“Okay.” Agreeing to it, Chen Sheng reached out and followed the little devil’s legs down. Then ——

Seeing the huge claw covered in gray scales caught in his hand, his legs felt weak and his bottom fell to the ground!

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whew! sorry, only one chapter this week ((((and last weekend too)))! school is ending for this semester so scheduling in a bit rough. next weekend will probably only be a single release as well, but i’m gonna try to build up translated chapters again.
。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。
thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed it!

TL Notes

1 啾啾: hei dan is making the sound “jiūjiū” but it sounds very similar to “jiùjiu” (舅) with different tonal pronunciations, which means “uncle.” hei dan…………😭

Author Comments
“Edited on 2016.2.16

Hei Dan can cry “Uncle”, but he hasn’t been heard by uncle.
Sorry, I’m still staying in Wanwan. (Taiwan) After being done with my relatives at home, I have to go to my friends here. Because of this, new updates have been really unstable lately.
I apologize to everyone in this text here.
When I get home, it’ll be stable.
Mmn, we’ll see in a couple days when I have more free time if I can give a Valentine’s Day gift to everyone.
Oh, happy Valentine’s Day!
Grandpa and Hei Dan will see Uncle, believe me.”

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