PotD 40

Chapter 40: Hei Dan Scared Stiff
by Yue Xia Sang

It was an extremely frightening devil!

Its entire body was ash-gray, its head slender, and there were two, thick horns above its ears. The devil’s teeth were very astonishing and the gape of its jaw was wider than other devils’. Caught off guard by seeing that he had actually caught a monster like this, Chen Sheng was terrified.

Devils were creatures that lived in a different dimension than humans, and the sounds they made were either higher or lower than the frequency that the human ear could hear. Their voices couldn’t be heard by humans.

Their movement speed was extremely fast and most humans didn’t have the visual ability to catch sight of them. What was left behind by devils would quickly turn into a black, ash-like substance in the air. Whether it was bones or blood cells, the metabolic decomposition rate of devils couldn’t be captured by humans!

This was the case for most humans. A small amount of people could occasionally catch sight of devils and some with a little talent could see devils clearly. If someone could capture a devil, they were gifted with that talent.

Only talented people who were extremely fast and could exist in the same frequency as devils could touch devils.

However, this was only a general statement. There were many kinds of devils. Humans, according to certain standards, artificially subdivided devils into four grades: A, B, C and D. Those that were below these grades were collectively named “unclassified.” Those were the lowest grade of devils. And correspondingly, you could see that the devils’ ranking for humans was also divided into four grades: A, B, C and D. In the team that Chen Sheng was in, most of the team members’ abilities was approximately D-grade. Their captain was a little higher, barely B-grade. The area they were cleaning up was full of D-grade and even unclassified devils and according to their ability, they were more than enough. Higher level devils naturally had higher level teams in charge of cleaning them up.

Most of the devils that Chen Sheng and the others were in contact with were kinds that they had captured before. Their bodies were similar to small-sized animals, like huge mollusks. As long as they used the catching tool, they could be handed very easily. Occasionally, they heard terrible stories about devils who were too high level, but they had never seen them before with their own eyes. Now, Chen Sheng had unexpectedly touched such a seemingly terrible thing and everyone was frightened.

“Calm, calm down! This devil is already dead. Even if it’s not dead, it’s dying. Everyone, don’t be so nervous.” Nevertheless, their team captain took the initiative to calm down and promptly spoke out to control everyone’s emotions. After everyone was calmed down by him, he ordered his team to surround the terrible devil.

Because of being afraid earlier and letting go of it, the devil was now invisible. However, at the judgement of the captain, they extended their catching tools together and eventually “caught” the devil.

“I don’t know where this devil came from. Look at it, it’s skin and bones. It’s already starving to death. When it was on the verge of death, it ran into this little devil and probably wanted to eat it. The result was discovered by Chen Sheng.” One of the team members stated their observations.

“Maybe it’s the opposite! Perhaps the little devil saw that the big devil was dying and wanted to take advantage of the confusion to take it for itself. Immature devils that have only been alive for a few months will instinctively look for the most appropriate targets to be their food. Maybe it’s the big devil that was saved by Chen Sheng!”

They talked for a while before the captain finally made a sound to stop them, carefully watching the devil’s horns. When the team captain personally notified another higher level team to take over, the little devil in the diaper was carelessly torn away from the big devil’s embrace and thrown into the capture cage behind Chen Sheng.

Ya! Ya!2″ The little devil —— Hei Dan rolled into the cage packed with low level devils with no resistance. With big white-ring eyes staring intently at  the horned devil laying on the ground, it cried out “ya ya.” 

“Listen to that, the little monster is still reluctant to part with its banquet!” One of the team members heard Hei Dan’s cried and laughingly said to a nearby coworker.

“Who knows? I don’t know how to deal with this group of devils. Let’s go feed them a little first.” Another team member came over and dragged away the cage with Chen Sheng.

Anxiously clinging to the cage and watching Grandfather get further and further away, Hei Dan shouted ya ya. Lifting his head, he looked at the people pushing the cage and cried out a couple of times. But, this wasn’t his home and no one cared about his crying.

After another turn, Hei Dan didn’t see Grandpa again.

Cage after cage of devils were dragged into a central room in groups and arranged by a specialized person.

Hei Dan was also dragged into one of the rooms in the cage. The room was very bright. After escaping the dark place to such a bright one for the first time, the devils in the cage all fell into a manic state. The cage was already very narrow and there were devils packed inside. Hei Dan just held the egg in his claws tightly. Surrounded by a group of devils, he squinted his eyes uneasily.

However, no matter how many were packed in, it didn’t take long for the cage to be lifted high by a machine. Another machine arm came from nearby and pulled out the board under the cage. The devils in the cage fell to the floor with a crack.

Under the floor, embedded with a layer of frosted glass, was an unknown amount of light bulbs. The whole floor was terribly bright and the devils fainted almost as soon as they dropped to the ground. For these devils that were used to living in darkness, a bright environment was the scariest one.

When the majority were listless, the staff in the room made their move.

There were three people in the room with three people to a group. One person lifted an unconscious devil onto a workbench while another held a spray head to clean off the devil on the workbench.

The devils that came from the outside were all filthy, and to prevent them from cross-contaminating, this was a necessary step.

The hydraulic power of the sanitizing spray from the spray head was quite powerful and the temperature was considerably low. In addition, the medicinal scent added to it was one that devils especially hated. After being rinsed for a while, the devil’s body and mind were even more spiritless.

After being washed, a third staff member who had been standing to the side immediately tied a metal collar around the devil’s neck. The collars were numbered. Next, without wiping it off, the staff member took the soaking wet devil straight to the next room. The neighboring room was still bright and the whole room was made up of rows of shelves. The shelves were densely packed with cages. Throwing the devil in his hands inside one of the cages, he locked it skillfully.

There was another, more important task for the staff members in charge of sanitation to do: check the damage on the devils. Devils with wounds would be chosen by him. Then, a third person would make a special mark on its collar and put it in a special area by itself. If the wound was too serious, it would be treated directly.

The devils on the floor were disappearing quickly. They were obviously very familiar with the work flow and their cooperation was smooth.

The first staff member lifted a devil out of the pile again, but this time, he froze when he saw the devil in his hand.

“The next one,” his coworker standing next to the workbench urged him.

With a strange expression, he simply carried the devil over.

As a result, the diaper-wearing Hei Dan was smacked onto the workbench.

Under the workbench was a board of lights as well. Hei Dan’s little black body laying down on it was especially eye-catching.

Looking over the strange little, the second staff member held it down and tore off the dirty diaper.

Hei Dan was used to his uncle changing his diaper so at that point, he didn’t react at all.

However, next, the person started pulling on the bracelets on Hei Dan’s ankles again.

The gold bracelets on his ankles disappeared, and the gold bracelets on his wrists disappeared very quickly as well.

After throwing all of those things into a trash can, the staff member picked up the spray head next to him expressionlessly and pressed the switch. A powerful stream immediately washed over the little devil’s body.

Hei Dan was scared stiff!

He tried to avoid it desperately, but the person pressed Hei Dan down firmly. In the moment that the powerful stream his his face, Hei Dan stretched out his claws to cover his eyes…

When it was all over, the dripping wet Hei Dan, laying on the bare workbench, was on his last breath.

Without his diaper and gold bracelets, Hei Dan looked like almost every other devil in the room.

The small ball shrouded in black fog was dumped into a staff member’s hands and a collar was placed around his neck. Finally, he was thrown into a bigger cage in the next room.

Hearing the footsteps, the original occupants of the cage immediately shrank back to the corner of the cage. It wasn’t until the cage was locked again and the footsteps of the staff member faded away that they swarmed over again.

With small limbs and big, white-ringed eyes, every devil in the cage looked extremely similar to Hei Dan!

We all know what Hei Dan looks like, but Hei Dan doesn’t know!

So, he was scared senseless by the little monsters in front of him.

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it’s been a little while!! i’ve got one more week to go, and then i’ll be free from school for a bit. _(┐「ε :)_

Translation Notes


Author Comments

“If he hadn’t met Ji Huan, Hei Dan’s life would have probably started in a cage like that.
He would stealthily shrink back into the cage. There would be no gold bracelets on his wrists and ankles, only a cold collar around his neck. There are many similar species in the cage and everyone would pull back together for warmth.
Ah Jin’s character is more complicated, but that’s decided by his special growing background.
He isn’t a person who would be easily moved.

(The rest of the author commentary is information for a poetry contest, nothing pertaining to the story.)”

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  1. Poor Hei Dan! I hope he doesn’t have to suffer much longer and is reunited with his family soon!

    Thank you for thr update! Hopefully exams and school are going well! 🙂


  2. I’ve just been screaming in my heart “please save Hei Dan and Grandpa” for like the past 10 chapters. Please save Hei Dan and Grandpa!!!!!! :(((((((( I think Ji Huan is going to get there soon….

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