PotD 41

Chapter 41: Just like Hei Dan’s in Preschool
by Yue Xia Sang

Hei Dan finally had the chance to experience what Ji Huan always felt for the first time.

Dozens of white-ringed eyes were staring at Hei Dan, and Hei Dan stared right back at them.

Hei Dan carefully covered the egg in his claws. It was the only thing he had left on him, something that Uncle had given Hei Dan before he left. Worried that the other monsters would snatch away his egg, Hei Dan stared back anxiously.

However, it wasn’t this that scared Hei Dan the most, but what happened during feeding time:

The keeper put meat straight into a trough. Not minced meat, but a hunk of meat!

Smelling meat, the little monsters in the cage swarmed and eagerly tore the meat in the trough apart. Between bites, the little mouths glittered like frost as they opened and closed.

The little monsters were licking the trough clean within a minute. After licking it clean, they went straight back to their original place and hid together.

Because the competition was so fierce, they had blood on them. They were so dirty and crowded together that over time, they began to emit a fishy smell.

After a while, the keeper came over and filled the feeding trough with water.

Remembering that after every meal that Uncle always used water to wash Hei Dan’s claws, Hei Dan finally moved. Climbing over, he carefullly dipped his left claws in the water, then dipped in his right claws.

Since Hei Dan couldn’t leave yet, he used his right claws to support himself while soaking his left claws, and used his left claws while soaking his right. The ground was completely covered in pork blood from the devils fighting over eating, and after washing his claws, Hei Dan realized that his little claws seemed to be even more dirty.

As Hei Dan was carefully looking at his claws, the little devils that had been hiding in the corner seemed thirsty, and they crawled from the corner to drink water one after the other. Hei Dan, stuck in the middle of the road, was run over by them and his clean, small body was also stuck to the blood on the ground.

Hei Dan, who had been clean, was just as filthy as the other devils.

Hei Dan had never been so smelly.

Smelling the stench on himself, his white-ring eyes squeezed shut and he thought of washing in the trough again. When he crawled back to the trough, the water in the trough was already gone.

Hei Dan cried out “jiujiu” a few more times. Then, he shrunk back to his corner. Hungry and tired, feeling wronged and afraid, Hei Dan curled up in the corner and fell asleep.

Where was Grandfather! Hei Dan missed Grandfather.

And what about Uncle? Hei Dan hadn’t seen Uncle in days!

Jiujiu~ Jiujiu~

Hei Dan’s egg wasn’t peeled and Hei Dan’s belly was so hungry!

There were so many bad people here. They didn’t give Hei Dan any green vegetables to eat. All they served was red meat! And they wouldn’t let Hei Dan wash his claws~

Jiujiu~ Jiu…

In his dream, Hei Dan felt especially wronged. Missing Grandfather and missing Uncle, Hei Dan cried out resentfully.

Eyelids jumping, Ji Huan felt like he was hearing Hei Dan crying again.

Holding his breath, Ji Huan forced himself to focus all of his attention on the inside of the cage in front of him.

That’s right, inside… the cage.

The cage was extremely strong, and shut away inside was a fierce beast. Moonlight was shining on it, and its scales and horns were snow white.

From Ji Huan’s perspective, he could clearly see the blood stained on its scales.

That was…


Ji Huan, filled with grief, called out Grandpa’s name in his heart.

However, Grandpa seemed to be completely unconscious. He was just lying quietly in the cage, silent and without interest.

Pushing down his roiling emotions, Ji Huan looked around the rest of the cage carefully. Then, he whispered Hei Dan’s name in his mind.

Ever since he started sharing dreams with Hei Dan, Ji Huan found that he and Hei Dan had gotten closer. Whenever he called out Hei Dan’s name in his mind, he would always turned in the exact direction where Ji Huan was, no matter where he was or what he was doing.

Hei Dan, Hei Dan, Hei Dan…

Ji Huan whispered in his mind, his voice anxious.

He kept calling out, but the tiny dark head never appeared.

When he was certain that Hei Dan really wasn’t in the cage, Ji Huan didn’t know if he should have been relieved or even more worried.

He felt like Hei Dan was crying into his ear again.

Hold on, you have to hold on.

Hei Dan, you have to bear it. Wait for Uncle to rescue Grandpa and I’ll look for you right away.

Forcing his heart to slowly calm down, Ji Huan’s eyes fell on the neighboring cage: it was exactly the same as the cage Grandpa was locked up in and locked inside was another black beast. Because it was black and it was night-time, Ji Huan had a difficult time seeing what it looked like. It was completely different from Grandpa, who was silent and motionless. The beast was incessantly slamming into the cage and letting out a terrible roar from time to time.

While holding his breath and staring intently at the two cages, Ji Huan watched the nearby building’s doors.

He had arrived one step too late.

Ji Huan had pursued the helicopter’s flight patch all the way to the mountain. Before he could find where the helicopter had landed, Ji Huan heard a huge explosion over his head.

Bang, bang, bang  ——” Three sounds, three helicopters fell one after another. The last was the one closest to him. It fell barely a hundred meters in front of him, and the huge impact swept over him. Unable to react in time, Ji Huan was thrown by the explosion. 

When he came to again, there was blood in his nose and ears. Wiping the blood off his face, Ji Huan clenched his teeth and ran where the first helicopter had fallen. When he discovered that the place where the plane had crashed was the strange, large residence that he had worked at for so long, Ji Huan froze for a moment. Then, he ran in without hesitation.

The gate was a little chaotic and was full of people. Ji Huan looked very calm and after showing the ID card he used for work, he easily mixed in.

When he arrived in the courtyard after many twists and turns, he immediately recognized Grandpa in a cage.

He wanted to look for an opportunity to open the cage, but people were always coming in and out of the room behind the cage and there was always someone guarding near the cage. Ji Huan couldn’t find a chance to do it.

The wait lasted for four hours.

Ji Huan hid in the underbrush nearby for the entire four hours. Thanks to it being a courtyard that he had cleaned before, it wasn’t difficult for him to find a hiding place.

After a while, a group of people came out of the room behind the cage.

“… Young man, you’re really amazing. You actually caught the catastrophic devil that caused the accident as soon as you took on the task. Your contribution was a great one.” Leading was a middle-aged wearing a dark suit made from good materials with a neat, short beard around his mouth. While walking out, he leaned his head and talked to the man behind him.

“Who knows how long this devil had been hiding out and actually living on Bade Mountain. If it wasn’t for Mr. Wang’s devil’s sense of smell finding it, maybe it would still be hiding.” Responding to him was a man next to him who was a little younger and wearing a protective white outfit. Ji Huan recognized at a glance that it was the uniform of the staff who had come to the courtyard to help with the accident that afternoon. There should have been a hood, but he wasn’t wearing it at the moment.

“That was a coincidence. The devil-beast that I raised looks a bit fierce, but it’s usually very well behaved. Even if it found it, what’s the use if it can’t catch it? Tch —— I heard that the devil that ate twenty people and escaped fifteen years ago was this one, too. Xiao Chen’s contribution is doubly so.” The man with the short beard smiled, shook his head and started to praise the young man behind him again.

“Ah? That… that… I just happened  to discover it by coincidence. If it wasn’t for Mr. Wang’s devil-beast wounding it before, the best result with my ability would have been not being eaten by it…” The short bearded man repeatedly talked to himself, but there was no way. The young man behind them, Chen Sheng, had no choice but to speak out.

This Chen Sheng was, of course, that Chen Sheng. Naturally, the young man who had carelessly grabbed Hei Dan that afternoon, accidentally saw Grandpa’s true form and landed on his ass in fright.

Because their whole team’s rank was pretty low, they didn’t take the devil very seriously since, although they felt that the devil’s rank should have been relatively high, they were able to catch it. After completing their team’s task, they delivered the devil to the custody department according to procedure.

The custody department didn’t take it very seriously either. The devil was a starving pile of bones and seriously injured. It wouldn’t last long by first glance, so the way they handled it at the time was to throw it straight into the disposal area.

This kind of devil that, at first glance, was very old and grievously injured had no value in recycling even its body parts. After leaving it there for a period of time, the devil would turn directly into black ash and would disappear after cleaning it up. It was very environmentally friendly.

However, it wasn’t long before a person from the Wang family arrived and brought the astonishing news that “the dying horned monster was actually the culprit of the earthquake.”

The earthquake was fairly big and half the mountain collapsed. People in half of the town had been affected. The government sent a group to investigate and, as luck would have it, the several families who had established a presence there became the main focus of their investigation.

The Wang family, whose expertise was keeping devils, was the highest priority of their investigation.

In fact, they had been the highest priority of their investigation in recent years.

Shuzu, who had a good relationship with the government, already stated that he would not be appearing personally. Just as they were under pressure, they suddenly found a very suitable culprit —— a prohibited-rank devil who had a criminal record. 

And was dying.

There was nothing more fitting.

It was unlike humans whose missing people still had their families to notify the police to look for them. Now that a devil had disappeared, would its family dare to notify the police? What’s more, did devils have families?

But this time, they had guessed wrongly:

That devil had a family. His family had come here at any cost to find him. For him, his family would dare to do anything.

After listening to them, Ji Huan suddenly stood up from his hiding place behind a rock.

His eyes seemed to be burning with anger and he asked in a deep voice: “You people, what do you want to do to my Grandpa?”

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thank you for your patience, everyone! i should be releasing chapters regularly again. updates should be one chapter a weekend, maybe two if i’m very productive.

go get ’em, ji huan (ง •̀_•́)ง

TL Notes


Author Comments

“I wrote this chapter four times
This chapter cost a lot of mental work.
The gong‘s character is probably too complicated. I haven’t figured out his character yet.
Everyone’s probably seen that I’ve been a little slower and the word count has been low.
Being busy is one part, but slow (writing) speed has been the biggest problem.
I think there are some parts that I haven’t cleared up and there must be some small errors in parts that I wrote.
My heart told me there’s something not right, but I don’t know.
Usually, I have writer’s block.
In the next few days, I plan to edit past chapters and may change some details. If there’s an update, it should be an edit. Everyone can amend the edits once you’ve read through it.
After seeing so many fantastic comments, I want to say that I want to be worthy of everyone’s expectations. I have to write this story well.
ps. This part might be more depressing now, but just wait until it’s over. This is a first-bitter-then-sweet story.
A little like Ji Huan. It looks hard and cold, but if you peel back the crust, there’s a very sweet and soft child. (← Hey!)”

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