PoTD 42

Chapter 42: Defense
by 月下桑

Ji Huan’s sudden arrival had clearly startled the other men.

“What are you talking about? This isn’t the place where children can talk as they want.” With a flash of cold in his eyes, the short-bearded man shouted at Ji Huan severely. Although Ji Huan was very tall, his face was still young and he didn’t look like an adult at a glance.

He knew children of that age. Although they were daring, they didn’t have any authority when all was said and done. They couldn’t do anything to rebel when facing true authority.

When the short-bearded man spoke, the two men guarding behind him immediately moved. Watching Ji Huan with bright eyes, they were prepared to subdue him at any time.

“What you captured is my grandpa. Where are you taking my grandpa?” Fixing his gaze on the short-bearded man, Ji Huan didn’t concede!

“Your grandpa? You’re saying this monster is your grandpa? Is there a problem with your eyes? It’s clearly a devil.” As if he was seeing a big joke, the short-bearded man laughed a little. After he finished laughing, he stopped looking at Ji Huan and his eyes shifted back to the team leader next to him. His tone was not as strong: “This pitiful child has probably been confused by the devil. I see that he’s wearing your place’s work uniform, I’m not concerned about what happens next. I just notified the related branch that the devil that caused the disaster was captured and they’ll be coming soon. Since the devil’s capture was by your personnel, we won’t show our faces. So…”

“Look, may we take this devil-beast1 home with us before then?”

“This…” The team leader hesitated a little.

In all honesty, he was just the team leader of a low-level team and rarely had the chance to deal with such matters. Now, he was obviously giving all the credit to him. This should have been a good thing, but with this boy jumping out so suddenly…

“I’ve been investigating, and the person in charge of the government’s involvement in this matter is actually a staff member who took part in capturing this devil all those years ago. He’s been paying close attention to this case for many years, so when we told him, he said he was coming as soon as possible…” The short-bearded man lowered his voice and revealed a little bit of insider’s knowledge.

He didn’t look at Ji Huan, as if Ji Huan had never showed up in the courtyard.

“You people are framing him! My grandpa isn’t the devil that caused the earthquake, he’s in poor health and can’t see. How could blame him for causing the earthquake?” Looking at the short-bearded man who wasn’t paying any attention to him, Ji Huan frowned and spoke in a loud voice.

However, no matter what he said, the short-bearded man was very skilled at using words to entangle the team leader next to him. Ji Huan had obviously been speaking, but he was just wasting his breath. No one would listen to what he was saying!

But, it couldn’t be said that no one was visiting. Behind the two men, the young man named Chen Sheeng had been keeping his head down while his senior and the person in charge of the Wang family were whispering and the youth was speaking in a loud voice a little further away. He heard everything from both sides, but…

“Do you know? You haven’t caught a devil with no family. He’s my grandpa, the grandpa who raised me! Do you know that?” Catching Chen Sheng’s hesitant expression, Ji Huan shifted his eyes to him.

“Do you really think that my grandpa is the devil that caused the earthquake? Why is that man so anxious to take that other devil back? I think, maybe that devil is…” Ji Huan continued talking, but this time, the short-bearded man who had been ignoring his existence suddenly turned his gaze toward him.

Staring at him icily, his voice was incomparably cold: “Shut up.”

Ji Huan had been watching their activity from the very beginning and had also been paying attention to the bodyguards behind them. After hearing what he said, Ji Huan immediately raised his guard. Dropping his gaze to the bodyguards behind them, he watched to see whether they would suddenly come over to grab him. Then ——

His neck tightened and his breathing obstructed, Ji Huan suddenly discovered that he was completely unable to speak!

Not only could he not speak, but he couldn’t even move!

Something had grabbed his neck! And confined his limbs!

Ji Huan’s slender eyes widened ——

Not only was the thing exerting itself greatly, it had no intention of releasing its grip at all. Ji Huan felt like he couldn’t breathe at all and in the next second, he found himself suddenly moving!

Like someone was supporting him, he suddenly turned around and walked back.

No —— Grandpa! Grandpa was still back there! Grandpa was going to be sent away by those people soon!

Thin veins burst from the white of Ji Huan’s eyes from staring so intently. Ji Huan tried desperately to take back control of his body, but the thing’s strength was so great that he couldn’t compete with it.


Ji Huan shouted in his heart.

Unseen behind him, a huge roar burst out.

The horned devil that had been laying motionless in the cage suddenly stood up and let out a howl in Ji Huan’s direction. The air trembled for an instant, as if it was being ripped apart.

“It really is this guy.” A black car suddenly sped up outside the gate and drifted to a stop in front of the courtyard gate. The door opened and a man around forty years old came out from the backseat.

As soon as he was out of the car, he walked straight to the horned monster.

Not afraid in the least of its terrible appearance, his black gloved left hand shot out like lightning and quickly grabbed its right horn. Then, the head of the devil who had been hitting the walls of the cage with all its might suddenly couldn’t move.

The man reached out with his other hand, forcefully opened the mouth of the horned devil and touched the inside of its mouth without restraint: “The lower third and fifth teeth from the back have been pulled out. That’s right, it’s him.”

The man wasn’t tall at all and his build wasn’t sturdy, but as soon as he opened its mouth, his forceful vigor overpowered everyone there. Not just the short-bearded man from the Wang family, even the “devil-beast” who had been ramming his cage nearby was suddenly well-behaved.

For a moment, the only thing that dared to thrash around in front of the man was actually the horned devil, who he still had a hold of its right horn.

“Ha… ha… Colonel Yang, this, this is the devil. Look at how fierce it is and how wide its mouth is. Is it trying to attack you…” The short-bearded man was the first to return to his senses and his first words were to add oil to the fire.

He spoke flatteringly while carefully surveying the man named Yang’s2 expression and the short-bearded man rejoiced in his heart: letting his “people” capture the child promptly was truly the right thing to do. He really hadn’t expected that the horned devil on death’s door would suddenly jump up when it saw that child being captured, and he didn’t expect that the man named Yang would actually come so quickly. It was a mistake that he failed to take his own devil away before he arrived. Just as he had been worrying, the horned devil itself suddenly went crazy. Its appearance was so fierce that it was more terrifying than his own family’s devil next to it, and not to mention ——

When the man named Yang arrived, his family’s devil was more well-behaved all of a sudden, but the horned devil was even rowdier.

It really was a blessing among misfortune.

Thinking this, he secretly made a decision: to let that teenager to stay there a little longer.

The short-bearded man knew very clearly that there was only one person who could make this devil show the “final radiance of the setting sun” and it had to be that teenager. As long as the teenager was in danger, it would continue to go crazy. The man named Yang would certainly send someone to drag it away immediately.

He had a good plan in mind. Whether it was the horned devil or the teenager, everyone’s performance was within his control. Except for one person.

“Not necessarily.” After carefully checking over the horned devil’s entire body, the man named Yang released the hold he had on its head. Turning around, he looked indifferently at the short-bearded man not far away.

“You’re only half correct.

The devil who committed the murders fifteen years ago really is this one, but it might not be the one that caused the earthquake.”

After kicking the cage, the man named Yang sneered at the devil still snarling in the cage.

“It’s dying, its scales are white, it’s blind, and its teeth aren’t all there. It used to be able to bite one of my arms off, but now, it can’t even budge when I use one arm.”

“Such a useless old man, it couldn’t possibly cause an earthquake.”

Shaking his hands, a ridiculing smile appeared on the man named Yang’s mouth.

The short-bearded man’s heart thumped.

As countless thoughts turned over in his mind, the man named Yang’s eyes suddenly fell the nearby Ji Huan.

“There’s a devil in front of me that dares to seize humans, they really don’t want to live.”

As soon as the words left him, the man named Yang suddenly extended his left hand again without waiting for a response from anyone. No one could clearly see what he was doing, but then ——

Both knees suddenly falling to the ground, Ji Huan discovered that he could finally breathe again.

Opening his mouth wide and breathing in, Ji Huan touched his neck with both hands and his wide eyes stared at the patch of grass in front of his knees. Accompanied by his heavy breathing was a vast stretch of black ash streaming down from behind his ears.

The man named Yang’s left hand dropped down quickly. His eyes only stopped on Ji Huan for three seconds. Now, they were shifting, but it was to the short-bearded man.

Densely packed beads of sweat appeared on the short-bearded man’s forehead.

At first, he had the courage to look him straight in the eyes, butt after the man named Yang stared at him for almost thirty seconds, he couldn’t help lowering his head.

What the man named Yang had just killed wasn’t just the devil restraining Ji Huan. Four other devils that the short-bearded man had brought were eliminated by the man named Yang at the same time!

Without a word! All destroyed!

“Anyway ——” The man named Yang’s oppressing eyes finally moved away, and after changing the topic, he said: “This devil, I’ll take it back with me.”

While speaking, he waved his hand. Subordinates who had gotten out of the car immediately ran over and started to work together to haul away the cage with the horned monster.

They were far less capable than their boss. While facing the roaring, fierce beast baring its fangs in the cage, they worked very carefully: A-rank devils were dangerous. Even if it was weak and dying, someone careless could be caught and if they weren’t killed, then they would be seriously injured.

As they finally finished tying a rope to the outside of the cage and were about to pull the cage, suddenly ——

The teenager who had just been rescued by Colonel Yang suddenly climbed off the ground. Clumsily running over, he actually clung to the cage with his whole body!

“It’s dangerous!” The one closest to him dragging the cage was a young man.

He had good intentions and feared that the monster in the cage would hurt this teenager who, at a first glance, looked like a child. However, when he met the eyes of the teenager in front of him, he suddenly stopped talking.

Those blood-filled pupils were glowing with a cold, intimidating light.

Don’t. Touch. My. Grandpa —— His throat that had been restrained for so long was damaged, and the teenager spat the words out with a shattered voice from his damaged throat. 

Like a desperate beast, the teenager used his thin body to stand in front of the cage imprisoning the ferocious devil with his arms spread open.

Don’t. Touch. My. Grandpa.

His eyes clouded with determination locked onto the man named Yang, the teenager repeated the words with his rough, shattered voice.

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i’m so sorry guys that it’s taken so long!! work ended up getting heavy again + school, and then honestly, i just ran out of motivation for a while. thank you for sticking with me despite the sporadic releases. 😭 i don’t have an exact time for the next release, but it’ll definitely be sooner than this one was!

in the next chapter, we’re finally going to figure out who grandpa is!

Translation Notes

1 魔兽: it is, literally, devil beast/animal. in this context, it’s being used to describe tame or trained devils, like what the wang family has. 

2 杨姓男子: it’s actually “man surnamed yang” since yang is his last name, but it reads better as “man named yang” IMO.

Author Comments

“Ji Huan is still a child.
Even if he does the housework, even if he can earn money himself, he is still a child.
He’s not very flexible and lacks skills. Although he’s clever, he doesn’t have a very good way of reacting in front of authority.
Mmn, so, giving him a gong that has and knows how to use authority…
Looks far away
The previous chapter is still being edited. The last few updates have all been edited~”

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